The Ripper: Mystery Solved!

It is a Sunday morn and all is right with the world…well it will be as soon as I get my damn coffee!

Today is one of my days to mentally tune out and do things that make me smile…..(use your imagination)….

I do love a good murder mystery and what better mystery than that of Jack the Ripper?

How many movies have been made about Jack the Ripper?  Too many to name here….but there seems to be something more to the story……we may have a solution to the age old mystery of who the Ripper was in real life…..

It may have taken 15 years and an 800-page tome set to be published next week, but UK writer and director Bruce Robinson thinks he’s finally cracked the mystery of Jack the Ripper. “I honestly think I’ve nailed the horrible f—er,” he tells the Telegraph. Robinson is best known for writing and directing Withnail and I and The Rum Diary and receiving an Oscar nomination for his screenplay for The Killing Fields. But he’s apparently spent the past decade and a half figuring out the identity of Jack the Ripper, who killed five women in London over nine weeks in 1888.

He’s preparing to publish the fruits of those 15 years in They All Love Jack: Busting the Ripper next week. In short, he believes the Ripper was Michael Maybrick, a popular singer and composer who was also a prominent Freemason—and Robinson believes it was the bonds of Freemasonry that kept the killer’s identity hidden, with other prominent Freemasons working to cover up his crimes. Read the full story here.

Is the mystery really solved or just another dude making a buck off the legend?