A brief history of the term RINO, from Roosevelt to Boehner – Vox

It is election time and the GOP field is as nutty as it has ever been…..and at anytime now someone will use the RINO taunt…..a painful insult to a conservative…….

One of my fave terms in all of politics, well American politics is….RINO (Republican In Name Only)…..when conservatives want to insult their colleagues they call them RINOs……

The latest attack by a Repub on his fellow Repubs is Ted Cruz…….

Cruz took to the Senate well on Monday–to speak before what was effectively an empty chamber–and criticized fellow Republicans Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and his Texas colleague in the Senate John Cornyn. Nominally, Cruz was slamming his colleagues–for an hour– because they did not back him in the fights over the Iran deal and Planned Parenthood.

Though Cruz did not specially use the term RINO….we all know what he was thinking…….RINO?…….A good term….but is there a history that we should know about the term?

Yes there is…..read on……learn the history (you guys knew that was coming, right?)

Source: A brief history of the term RINO, from Roosevelt to Boehner – Vox

Boehner has decided to cut and run…..now the GOP has its eyes on Senate leader……..

Several influential Republicans have called for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to resign. Pressure for the Kentucky congressman to step aside follows House Speaker John Boehner’s announcement that he is resigning at the end of October.

According to Business Insider, Republicans who are frustrated with McConnell’s leadership want him to change the Senate rules to enable conservative legislation to pass without needing the required 60-vote super-majority. McConnell’s refusal to use obstruction methods was also a source of Republican frustration, according to The Washington Times.

GOP is trying to rid itself of all RINOs……is this a purity thing?  If I were a conservative I would wear the title like a badge of courage….but that is me…..

See what we can learn by using history…….you will thank me later……

4 thoughts on “A brief history of the term RINO, from Roosevelt to Boehner – Vox

  1. I think the whack jobs that label normal sensible republicans RINOS are the real RINOS. The ideas of the Christian Right and Tea Party are rejected by the great majority of Americans. Even Barry Goldwater in whose campaign I worked for 10 months in 1964 would think these CRUZ et al people are nuts.

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