At Day’s End Or “End of Days”?

For my last post of the day…….I want to leave you guys with the best story of the day……once again we are on the eve of destruction (yet another rock reference….I’m on fire)…….Repent Ye Sinner!

Speaking of fire……..

According to the typical religious morons… is the last day… will all end today!

Harold Camping may be gone, but the doomsday predictor’s legacy is not forgotten. According to eBible Fellowship, a Christian group based in Philadelphia, Wednesday is the Earth’s final day—and it’s based on Camping’s former end-time predictions, the Guardian reports. The deceased prophet had originally pegged May 21, 2011, as our collective last day (followed quickly by Oct. 21, 2011, after the first date came and went with no mass destruction), but eBible founder Chris McCann says Camping’s first selected doomsday was just Phase One of our end times: That day in May was actually Judgment Day, at which point God simply stopped deciding who would be saved and who wouldn’t on the day of reckoning scheduled for 1,600 days later—which is Wednesday.

“There are only two groups of people in this world,” the group’s Facebook page reads. “The first group are the unsaved and are of this world. … They will be destroyed forever on the last day. We weep for them.” The second group, naturally, are the saved ones, though McCann doesn’t automatically shoehorn himself and his followers in. “If we are in the second group we know we are there only by God’s Amazing Grace. Otherwise we also would be forever destroyed on the last day which will likely be this October 7th,” the Facebook post adds. The world is set to “pass away” not from water but from fire, McCann says, per the Guardian, and will be “annihilated.” He does hedge his bets, noting “there’s a strong likelihood that this will happen, which means there’s an unlikely possibility that it will not.

More psycho-babble from the same type of group that brought you the “Rapture” fallacy.

I am hedging my bets … case these douche bags are right…I want to go out letting you guys know how much I appreciate for patronage of IST…..and to thank you for making 2015 an excellent year……Thanx and I appreciate you guys so much.

Can I Get An Amen?

If I wake up breathing tomorrow then…….. all I can say is…..NEVER MIND!

7 thoughts on “At Day’s End Or “End of Days”?

  1. *Tears and sniffles* But, I just found your blog. ;0). Plus, it is my sister’s birthday tomorrow. She won’t let the world end.

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