2014 Autopsy: Dem Style

Remember the GOP autopsy after they were handed their ass in the 2012 general election…..they went about saying that they had mucked it up and that they would have more outreach to women, Hispanics, African-American, youth, on and on…..and so far they have done NOTHING but double down on the losing issues from the past…..like abortions, trickle down economics, voting, immigration….nothing new just the same stale policies from the pst….some of them from the ’50’s.

Now after the Dems were handed their ass in 2014 they also have set about issuing an autopsy of things they got wrong……..

Remember after the 2012 election when the Republican Party released its “autopsy” to diagnose what went wrong? Well, now, it’s the Democrats’ turn, and the consensus from the task force findings thus far is that the party needs to do a much better job at “reconnecting.”

And not just reconnecting to all voters, but specifically to certain kinds of voters. The autopsy reads, “In order to win elections, the Democratic Party must reclaim voters that we’ve lost including white Southern voters.” They also want to study “barriers” that keep people from supporting Democratic candidates, like they did last year when their party was crushed in the midterms.

Most of the autopsy is about standing on principle and reaffirming Democratic commitments to issues like voting rights and economic opportunity. In fact, one of their key recommendations is to “create a values-based narrative” for the party.

You can read the full autopsy here:

Democratic Victory Task Force Preliminary Findings by Zeke Miller

A noble plan….to reconnect with the people.  Just how will that be accomplished from a party that works more for the wealthy than the average person?

Let’s say they hold true to that autopsy report…..is Clinton, the front runner at this time, the right person to do that reconnection?  I mean in 2008 she was shown to not know where to put the gas in her car on the campaign trail.

The Dems need someone who can tap into the populist message….I do not think that Hillary is that person…..I just do not see her as a surrogate for local candidates.

If not Clinton….then who?

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