Poverty, Climate And Defense Spending

The first Dem debate is in the tank…..I heard very little about poverty, lost of lip service but no new ideas, climate was on the agenda for the MSM and little about out of control defense spending.

But fortunately there was an outlet for the candidates to go on the record without having to depend on the MSM to bring up the issues like they do with the debate.

The Institute on Policy Studies met with most of the candidates and got their views the day before the debate……

Where do the 2020 presidential candidates stand on poverty, climate change, taxes, and military spending?

Over 140 million Americans — or 43 percent of us — are poor or low-income, according to research by the Institute for Policy Studies and the Poor People’s Campaign. That poverty is compounded by the interlocking injustices of racism, militarism, and ecological devastation. It was caused not by poor personal decision making, but by massive public investments in policies that benefit a tiny few at the expense of the rest.

The good news? We have abundant resources to fix it, our Poor People’s Moral Budget report shows. All we have to do is get them out of the military, Wall Street, and the mass incarceration industry and into programs that actually work for the public.

When we launched our Moral Budget with the Poor People’s Campaign, we asked nine 2020 presidential candidates if they had the political will to put those resources to work for the public.


If you are considering voting in 2020 then maybe this post and accompanying article will be helpful….I try to be as much FYI as I possibly can…..hoefully it will be informative.

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!


So It Is Written, So It Is Done

I seldom write about my state, Mississippi……basically nothing of interest happens too often….but I do like their politics.  A Bible Belt conservative state that elects those people that do the most damage to the state……in essence a cultural wasteland.

My state has about 21.6% poverty……is 49th on the health index…..49th on the best educated index…..I could go on with the stats so let us just say Mississippi is at the bottom or near on every “good” characteristic and at the top or near on every “bad” characteristic……

I bring this up because of the laws that will go into effect on 01 July…..one would think the the reps would be addressing the economic characteristics that effect the people of this state, right?

You would be sadly mistaken!

These are the laws that will go into effect next week…..

HB 511: Ready to pass a big truck on I-55? The left lane should be free, since a new law is taking effect that outlaws “lollygagging” in the left lane on the interstate. If you’re caught hogging the left lane, you could face a fine of anywhere from $25 to $50.

SB 2968: Soon, there will be more highway patrolmen on the roads with you. With this law, trooper school has been funded. Classes start in October, and by the first of the year, new troopers will be hitting the roadways.

SB 2710: Sanctuary cities for undocumented immigrants has been a hot topic across the United States, but they will be outlawed in Mississippi starting July 1. The law also prohibits municipalities from prohibiting a city employee from asking a citizen about their immigration status.

SB 2689: Campaign funds will no longer be able to be used for personal use come July 1. This means any funds that were collected by any political campaign for the purpose of furthering the candidate cannot be used for personal vehicles, homes, rent, etc. If any campaign funds are left over after the fact, they will have to be returned to the donors, donated to the state, or can be donated to another political or charitable cause.

HB 1046: Students who have relied on the Mississippi Dyslexia Therapy Scholarship can now continue to utilize that scholarship all the way through school. The scholarship can be used to enroll in private school, therapy programs, or purchase resources that would further the child’s abilities in school.

HB 1322: Craft beer breweries in the state can now sell their products onsite. Initially, breweries could conduct tours and host events, but would have to direct customers to a nearby distributor for their beer or light wine. Here’s the catch: they can sell it to you there, but you have to take it away to drink it. It’ll be sealed. You won’t be able to down that six-pack at the brewery itself.

There you are…..new laws…typical Repub bullshit that does NOTHING to improve the lives of the people of Mississippi.

This is why Mississippi remains at the bottom of the list of good states in which to live.

I once called the government of Mississippi as a “Moronocracy” and nothing has changed in 35 years.

A “New Deal” For Black America

For months I have been bitching that the candidates are engaging in a battle of personalities and leaving the issues by the wayside…..matters not which candidate they both are not telling the American people what the NEED to hear.

But recently Mr. Trump gave a speech that was heavy on issues….well as heavy as it can get these days……this time he talked about what he will do for Black America.

Donald Trump’s poll numbers among black Americans are abysmal—he’s polling at around half the 6% Mitt Romney received in 2012—but he hasn’t given up trying. On Wednesday, he offered a “new deal for black America” in a policy-heavy speech delivered to what the Washington Post reports was a largely white audience in North Carolina. The “deal is grounded in three promises: safe communities, great education, and high-paying jobs,” Trump said, per the Hill, blaming Democrats for “total violence” in inner cities. He promised to provide incentives for companies to move to “blighted communities,” and to allow cities and states to declare such places disaster areas to receive federal funding.

Sorry sports fans but is this NOT the same promises given every election to Black America?  And how has that worked out for them?

Will there be a separate plan for poor Hispanics in the inner cities?  How about those poor whites?

It is so vague that anyone could have made them…..as usual there is NO specifics on just how he plans to accomplish these lofty heights….this is as lame as lame can get….but I kinda expect that now this far into the campaigns…..

Back to the insulting mind games…..back to the immature playground squabbles…..

Please let this goddamn thing be over with soon!

Here are 10 new ways other countries are actually solving problems

The US is facing many domestic problems….this country is more than capable of solving these problems it is just the leaders are not willing to do so……

Other countries have handled such problems as the thieving bankers,  alt energy, drugs….just to mention a few……see how other countries are solving problems…..

The Presidential candidates have been sounding off for almost two years now, pointing out (or in many cases manufacturing) all of America’s problems, and offering solutions they believe will make them the next President. The candidates, especially to the right of the political spectrum, extoll America as being exceptional, and they score empty points with voters by talking about how the rest of the planet looks to the United States to solve the world’s woes. It is surprising, then, to see how many of these seemingly intractable problems are being far more effectively tackled by the countries we are supposed to be “leading”. Maybe it’s time for America to start looking elsewhere for innovative solutions.

Here are 10  examples of problems being solved everywhere but in America:

Source: Here are 10 new ways other countries are actually solving problems — and kicking America’s ass

If these countries, which have less resources than the US, can do amazing things then why is the US slow to do so?

The citizens, all citizens, of this country deserve better from the clowns we elect……but will this election prove any different from the past ones?

Why Are You Not Angry?

The media keeps telling anyone who is dumb enough to listen that the American people are angry…..about what?  That depends on your political persuasion…..but regardless there is much that is just plain wrong with the nation and the voters are the only ones that see it……the politicians are more than willing to feed that anger…but do little to change things….the status quo, for them, is perfect in every way…….

Just what makes you angry!

This infograph is for the UK….but we could plug in many of the issues into the US society…….


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If you are angry at what is happening to your country then there is an answer…….

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There is a plan….now GET TO IT!

Will be back after class…..keep reading and commenting…..we all learn something in those exchanges…..chuq

Bernie On Education

For me the issue of education is one of the most important domestic issues…..we hear lots of blah blah blah on education but few have any idea how to make it as important as it should be……

To be honest….I am a Bernie supporter….I like his ideas….not all of them but the important ones on domestic issues….I like…..

I read a good piece on his ideas on public education……I will share….

Source: Bernie Sanders has a bold, simple idea for improving public education – Vox

Time for all the lies about teachers unions and BS to end….time to make education the most important issue….domestic issue…..without it and we will have the characters in the movie “Idiocracy”……