Drones: WTF?

We all are bombarded with the news that the US was eliminated this bad guy or that…..and all without the use of the military….we did this miraculous act with the use of drones……of course we could point out that they have killed more civilians than bad guys…..but that would make a great future post……

Sorry….I digress……the news has come out that the US will sell drones to our allies and friends……..that should make the defense contractors jerk off in the corner…….

If you were still skeptical about the future of drones, this should take care of that: Arms manufacturers can now get in on the action. The White House said today that it will allow the export of armed drones to other nations, reports the Washington Post. The newspaper calls the move “a significant step for US arms policy as allied nations from Italy to Turkey to the Persian Gulf region clamor for the aircraft.” To ease concerns about abuses, the State Department says it will make any nations that buy the drones pledge not to use them against their civilian populations, but instead only in “internationally sanctioned military operations,” reports the AP.

The US currently sells armed drones only to Britain, and the previous restrictions had allowed nations such as Israel to gain an early advantage in the international market, reports the Wall Street Journal. The State Department says that by allowing the exports, it can now play a bigger role in helping shape international standards on the use of military drones.

And the most amazing statement about this plan was…..it will give the US more control over their use……now think about that for a moment and I will watch some porn will you contemplate the thought…..DONE?

This single decision has just increased the number dead civilians.

Please explain to me just how the US will control the drones in other countries…….through a treaty?  Now there is a laugh we all need these days.

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