AHHH-CHOO! Sorry…….. I’m Allergic To Bullsh*t!

That was the only thing I could think of when I heard a recent speech by presidential hopeful, Jeb Bush…..he decided that he would make a speech to show his foreign policy bona fides……and boy was it a chuckle.

Jeb’s foreign policy speech was a dud.  One he got his big historical perspective wrong and two, he got the official total of ISIS fighters wrong…..all in all the speech was a resounding dud.

You know I have been absent when reporting on future 2016 candidates……well for good reason….THEY ARE BORING!  But I have a feeling that is about to change.

My fave part of his little speech was that and I quote…..”I am my own man”…..Let’s look at that shall we?

He’s got two former presidents—and about two dozen top-level advisers to those presidents—by his side, but Jeb Bush says he’s got his own foreign-policy views. “I love my father and my brother. I admire their service to the nation and the difficult decisions they had to make. But I am my own man—and my views are shaped by my own thinking and own experiences,” Bush says in prepared remarks ahead of a Chicago speech today, as per the Washington Post. But, as the Post points out, Jeb Bush already has at least 20 veterans of his brother’s and father’s administrations to lean on as he preps for a campaign: That list includes two ex-secretaries of state under his father and Ronald Reagan (James Baker and George Schultz), two former CIA directors, two former Homeland Security directors, and other foreign-policy aces and diplomats.

So he is his own man?  But he will depend on the same pricks that gave us Iraq in 2003…..without much international experience he will depend on his advisers to make his case for him

If that does not scare you from the path of Jeb….then maybe his thoughts on international affairs will help you out……

………he’ll forge his own path to strengthen the US as a world leader and reinvigorate weakened relationships in the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America. Bush’s statements also take on the economy, the current administration (“Hashtag campaigns replace actual diplomacy and engagement”), and the military: “The President’s word needs to be backed by the greatest military power in the world. Because I believe, fundamentally, that weakness invites war … and strength encourages peace.

He seems to be echoing Reagan, GW and to a small part Bush 1……this should keep the neo-cons on board, at least for now…….

Typical political BS….kinda like “the will of the people”………Jeb will be a carbon copy of every neo-con that has ever run for office…….does anyone recall a piece I wrote recently about the military was getting to the point of being too expensive to use?  Keep that in mind anytime a neo-con thumps its chest like a sex crazed primate about the military……..it will be EXPENSIVE!

12 thoughts on “AHHH-CHOO! Sorry…….. I’m Allergic To Bullsh*t!

  1. Right! He’s is own man in ways that would make Dick Cheney a White House adviser rather than VP. Essentially no difference at all except in title.

    1. scary that it is possible that it will be yet another Bush v Clinton……I am sick of these damn dynasties….keep in mind that Chelsea is waiting in the weeds also….

  2. It was refreshing to hear him say that mistakes were made in Iraq during his brother’s presidency.

      1. yes, my comment regarding her statement following the election of our president, that for the first time she felt proud to be an American, you did not address that…not that you must.

      2. I think she was saying that she was proud that Americans got past the bad old days and voted for a black man….of course I cannot be sure for I do not speak for her or her mind…….I think that some times we Americans try to be too literal…political correctness is not cool…….we look for ways to criticize those we do not agree with….I admit that I do……

      3. I was not happy with her comment and I am a screaming liberal who voted for President Obama twice. I am proud to be an American, I am not proud of some Americans. I enjoyed talking to you, a fine blog.

      4. Thanx and you are a pleasure….I enjoy people that ask questions that is how we learn….please do not be a stranger…..chuq

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