Who Said “People Power” Was Dead?

I recall my days as an activist and protestor….the big chant was “power to the people” and in recent years it has seemed that it was all but lost….people have been protesting lots of stuff….the bailout, Wall Street theft, immigration and abortion rights with little lasting effect…….now a story that resurrects my belief in the power of the people.

About here………. think Wal-Mart.

Wal-Mart that economic giant that removes into a town and closes down all the “Mom and Pop” businesses with the promise of creating jobs……and those jobs are wages below the poverty level.

For a couple of years Wally World has been in the news on various times…..their anti-union stance, their pricing scams and so forth….but the one that got the most traction was the way they have treated their employees…..from the lack of health care to wages….there has been many protests about their wages……and finally they cave!

Walmart is spending $1 billion to make changes to how it pays and trains US hourly workers as the embattled retailer tries to reshape the image that its stores offer dead-end jobs. As part of its biggest investment in worker training and pay ever, Walmart says that within the next six months, it will give raises to about 500,000 workers, or nearly 40% of its 1.3 million US employees. “We are trying to create a meritocracy where you can start somewhere and end up just as high as your hard work and your capacity will enable you to go,” CEO Doug McMillon said during an AP interview this week at the company’s headquarters in Bentonville, Ark. The company’s average full-time wage will be $13 an hour, up from $12.85. For part-time workers, the hourly wage will be $10, up from $9.48.

The changes, which Walmart announced today as it reported stronger-than-expected fourth-quarter results, come at a time when there’s growing concern for the plight of the nation’s hourly workers. Thousands of US hourly workers and their supporters have staged protests across the country to call attention to their financial struggles, and business groups and politicians have jumped into the fray, debating a proposal by President Obama to raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 an hour. A new AP-GfK poll also found that most Americans support increasing the minimum wage. In addition to raises, Walmart said it also plans to make changes to how workers are scheduled and add training programs for sales staff so that employees can more easily map out their future at the company.

This is great news for their employees……though I believe it is more to end the negative PR than any genuine concern for their wage slaves.

Now if Wally World can do it…..so can all the thieves that pay a pittance of wages.

People Power is alive and well in the US…..PEOPLE!  use the power that you have….there are so many issues that need to be faced and NOW we know that the people can make a difference!

Take It To The Street!

8 thoughts on “Who Said “People Power” Was Dead?

  1. $12.85 to $13 and hour and $9.48 to $10 and hour? Seriously? A dollar or two extra a day will hardly have the impact on individuals already struggling to make ends meet. And if these employees don’t have health insurance benefits this will do nothing to help them purchase discounted policies on the exchanges

      1. “I agree but $10.10 is a bit better than $7.50”

        Agreed if that were the actual difference that these employs experienced but for those already at the top pay scale it amounts to peanuts

      2. And the health care and cost of living will tear into any gains…..at least the people did accomplish something for their efforts.

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