South Of The Border…..Down Mexico Way…….

We have heard it all with the influx of children running for the border…..they are infectious….they are gang members…..they are smuggling drugs…….on and on……but the biggest concern is all those children will somehow be allowed to walk among us….and we cannot have that (sarcasm)…….

We have been told that most will be sent back to their country of origin……of course there are those (Alex Jones) that think it is all a lie and this whole thing is a scheme by Obama for some nefarious purpose……

There seems to be a snag in the Right wing talking point……..

Aid workers, camera crews, politicians, and even the nation’s first lady were on hand as a planeload of mothers and children being sent back from the US arrived in Honduras yesterday. The planeload of around 40 people from a New Mexico detention center is just the “initial wave” and their deportation came at President Obama’s direction, a Homeland Security official tells the Los Angeles Times. “Our border is not open to illegal migration and we will send recent illegal migrants back,” he says. There will be more flights to Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador in the days and weeks ahead, the official tells NBC, which notes that false rumors of a June deadline to stay in the US legally has fueled a spike in arrivals of women and children from Central America.

An unprecedented wave of around 40,000 mothers with children and at least 57,000 unaccompanied minors have arrived in the US so far this year. Obama, who says most will be sent back to their troubled homelands, has requested $3.7 billion to deal with the influx. Two Texas lawmakers plan to introduce a bipartisan bill today that will make it easier to send migrant children back by amending a 2008 law that gave them extra legal protection, the New York Times reports. “My guess is that once the word gets back to Guatemala, Honduras and elsewhere that, ‘Look, it’s not a free pass. This permiso doesn’t work. They actually will send you back,’ that people will not start the journey,” says Texas Sen. John Cornyn, the Senate’s No. 2 Republican.

I am sure that there is something nefarious to be made out of this action……but there was another situation taking place……..

A flight carrying 126 Guatemalan migrants, including 90 women, landed in Guatemala City Thursday after they were deported from the U.S.

Now that the deportations have started I want to see just how the Right cares to portray what is occurring……will they or won’t they?

They Don’t Need No Stinking Law

I have told the world what I think of our worthless politicians……most are do-nothing turds…..or cowards in political clothing……..or felons…….Awhile back there was an investigation into the Congress and their staffs might be diddling in insider trading…….and now they have made sure that they can continue to commit felonies without having to pay the price……

The U.S. House Ways and Means Committee is refusing to cooperate with an insider trading investigation, saying its employees are “absolutely immune” from having to comply with subpoenas from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

U.S. District Court Judge Paul Gardephe ordered the committee last week to explain why it hadn’t responded to the SEC’s year-long request for documents, phone records and the testimony of staff director Brian Sutter, as part of a probe into whether he or other House members leaked private information about health care policy to insurance companies.

The SEC began its investigation after a series of red flags in April 2013, a year after Congress adopted the STOCK Act. According to the filings, Sutter spoke with a lobbyist for law firm Greenberg Traurig just minutes before the lobbyist emailed a brokerage firm with information from “very credible sources” about a change in Medicare policy. The firm then sent out an alert about the upcoming change to clients, including large insurance companies like Humana, and share prices of several immediately jumped.

At the time, Sutter told federal investigators that he did not recall speaking with the lobbyist, but a few days later, a House lawyer said that “time for reflection” may have helped stir Sutter’s memory.

But the committee has since refused to answer the SEC’s requests for information. The closest it has come is asking the commission for a “substantial narrowing” of its demands and a “firm commitment that the Committee’s making available to [the] agency of certain documents would end the Committee’s and Mr. Sutter’s involvement in this matter.”

If the investigation goes to court, it will be the first securities violation case since Congress adopted the STOCK Act.

My guess is that the Congress will slither out from under this in some way…..we know it is more important to keep the “scandals” than obeying the law…..

Sad part is this is nothing new…..we have been electing crooks since this whole experiment began…….we NEVER learn!