How Middle East Millennials Are Remaking the Arab World – The Takeaway

Since the beginning of the Arab Spring in Tunisia in 2011 change has been everywhere in the Middle East…….some of it good and some not so good…..but there is a wave that has been started that could very well change the face of the ME for centuries……..and the leaders of the future have their agenda……


How Middle East Millennials Are Remaking the Arab World – The Takeaway.

What Do You Know Of Al Qaeda?

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Al Qaeda–ISIS…..ISIS–Al Qaeda

Lebanon is smouldering…..Palestine is waiting its doom…….Syria is burning out of control and now Iraq has burst into flames before the world’s eyes…….and like everything that-goes wrong in the region it is either Iran’s fault or Al Qaeda’s…….AQ that band of emotionless terrorists that has been a thorn in the side of the west for a couple of decades.   Americans hate what AQ is doing…….but how can you hare something that you are unaware of during your hate?

In recent months there has been a wealth of accusations by the lunatics on the Right that our government is somehow responsible for AQ……sad to say they are right. (Write that down for I will seldom make a comment like that about our right wing brethren)…………AQ was created by the CIA as a part of the larger mujaheddin movement to fight the Russians……or they had to have someone to funnel the cash to and AQ fit the bill perfectly.

What does the world know of Al Qaeda?

I believe that to know your enemy is to win the war…..and there is very little that is told to the world of AQ….we know that they are radical Muslims…..and those use terror to get their way…….and we hate them.

AQ is the creation of the CIA in its battles with the Soviet Union in Afghanistan in the 1980’s.  The us brought in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to act as the bankroll for the organization…..both countries contributed originally #3.5 billion ……the quasi charity organizations fronted by the Saudis became the finance center of the rising jihadist movement and the US looked the other way to their operations.

Once the Russians left Afghanistan the movement went on to other desires and situations.

There seems there was a code of conduct at one point…….which has sadly been replaced by more extreme religious fervor…..

Osama bin Laden was, to put it mildly, not a nice guy. But in some ways, he looks like a gentle soul compared to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. The group, which al-Qaeda has disowned, breaks all seven of bin Laden’s famed rules for effective terrorists, William Saletan at Slate points out; that’s why Saletan thinks that, despite its current power and wealth, “ISIS is destroying itself.” Here are some examples:

  • Don’t fight civil wars. Bin Laden warned that this would “weigh on [local] people” who “will start to want to stop the fighting” and turn to secular governments. By calling itself a state, ISIS is explicitly seeking civil war.
  • Don’t kill civilians. Yes, bin Laden killed plenty, but he said he regretted it, saying that it alienated people.
  • Don’t show bloodlust, lest you look like “animals and killers,” bin Laden warned. But ISIS exults in its brutality, cutting off people’s heads and promising to wipe out Shiites. “It’s hard to imagine propaganda better designed to repulse the public and galvanize the enemy,” Saletan observes.
  • Don’t rule harshly. Within days of taking Mosul, ISIS said it would put anyone who didn’t repent to death. That kind of thing alienates more moderate potential Sunni allies.
  • Don’t fight your allies. It was the Iraq insurgency that taught bin Laden this lesson, as Sunni fighters turned against al-Qaeda after it attacked civilians. But ISIS has publicly feuded with al-Qaeda and other Syrian rebels, and destroyed the homes of Baathists.

“We’ve been here before,” Saletan concludes. “Eight years ago, jihadists in Iraq made the same mistakes. They alienated the public and were driven out by tribes that had fought alongside them.” That they’ve returned at all is the result of Nouri al-Maliki’s government ruling harshly itself and persecuting Sunnis. For more, read Saletan’s full column.

Do not mistake my post as an approval of anything these jihadist do…it is NOT!  All I am saying is that if ISIS, a supposed splinter group of AQ, were to live by the rules set forth above….there might be a little more acceptance of what they are trying to do…..not the tactics but the ideals…..

A Remade Middle East?

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All the woes being foisted on the Middle East….all the violence and destruction….is it possible we are looking at a Middle East that will be remade……remade in some form that does not look like it does today.

Below is one rendition of how that change may appear in the near future………


As predicted by me and others the Kurds will be looking to take advantageof the situation with ISIS and break away into a separate state……..

With Iraq divided by violence, its Kurdish region is ready to consider forging a nation of its own. Massoud Barzani, the president of the autonomous Kurdistan Region, says he’s planning a referendum on independence that could occur in “a matter of months,” the BBC reports. Kurdistan has long wanted independence and feels it’s done its part to support a unified Iraq. But “everything that’s happened recently shows that it’s the right of Kurdistan to achieve independence,” Barzani says. “From now on, we won’t hide that that’s our goal. Iraq is effectively partitioned now. Are we supposed to stay in this tragic situation the country’s living?”

Iraq’s parliament appeared poised to grapple with the country’s upheaval today—but after a half-hour break in its session, 90 members didn’t come back, CNN reports. The lack of a quorum prompted a postponement, with the acting speaker citing an unspecified “urgent matter” as the reason for the delay. The New York Times reports that those who walked out were Sunnis and Kurds, and their departure indicated opposition to Shiite religious leaders’ calls for a quickly-arranged new government representing all three groups. Shiites are the country’s majority, living in Baghdad and the south, while Sunnis live in the north and Kurds are in the northeast. USA Today notes talk of dividing the country into three zones—something Joe Biden proposed in 2006. “I would accept any solution to stop the bloodshed, even if it was a confederation or division,” says a dentist in eastern Iraq.

If that actually occurs then Turkey will have a stroke because of all the Kurds living within their borders…..Iran will crack down on the Kurds living there….and then there are the ones within Syria…….another problem in the making for a country that has enough problems already.

But ISIS (ISIL or IS) may have another thought in mind……..

Iraq is toast!

This will be the Middle East if the caliphate is allowed to stand…….
All this possible by one simple decision….Invade Iraq in 2003…..we should be so proud…….
Iraq is toast!