Attention, pols: Voters overwhelmingly prefer candidates who support climate action –

Oh geez!   This oughta send the deniers over the edge….but after thinking it over….they will just ignore any such evidence to keep preaching the crap they are fed……will the people put their votes where their mouth is or will they revert back to re-electing the same d/bags that they have always re-elected?


Attention, pols: Voters overwhelmingly prefer candidates who support climate action –

CNBC Caught Soliciting Writer To Claim Global Warming Is A “Hoax” | Blog | Media Matters for America

Whether you believe in global warming or not this story is just typical of how the media is manipulating the people and policy in this country……

This channel or network is a respected financial site for many investors and people interested in our economy……so now do we believe their analysis of the economic data or are they just driving the conversation?


CNBC Caught Soliciting Writer To Claim Global Warming Is A “Hoax” | Blog | Media Matters for America.

What The Frack Is Going On?

Since the “drill baby drill” people have passed on to the new wave of “exploration”….fracking…..there has been many reports that tell of a disaster in the making and just as many people coming out of the woodwork to defend this type of oil search……we all have heard the stories about the methane leaks, the pollution problems, and now it is earthquakes…….

Earthquakes in Oklahoma are up more than a hundredfold in recent years, and a new study spies a pretty clear link between the shaking and the fracking that has given the state’s economy a huge boost. Researchers took a close look at four specific sites where wastewater from oil and gas extraction was injected into the ground and found that the process could be linked to swarms of quakes in areas up to 20 miles away from the sites, reports the BBC. The four wells examined have been pumping four million barrels of water a month to a depth of around two miles underground. At one site linked to the wells, a small town called Jones, there have been more 2,500 earthquakes greater than magnitude 3.0 since 2008—a fifth of the total in the central and western US during that period.

“It really is unprecedented to have this many earthquakes over a broad region like this,” a study co-author tells Scientific American, explaining that wastewater injection can cause quakes by sending out waves of fluid pressure, causing faults miles away to slip. “Most big sequences of earthquakes that we see are either a main shock and a lot of aftershocks or it might be right at the middle of a volcano in a volcanic system or geothermal system. So you might see little swarms but nothing really this distributed and this persistent,” he says. (In Texas, several small towns troubled by quakes are considering banning fracking.)

The truly sad part of this tale is that few seem to care about the consequences of this type of extraction…….this is until something goes horribly wrong and then……..predictably it will be all Obama’s fault.

F-35: America’s White Elephant

There are always reports on how Congress pisses away the taxpayers cash and then there are reports that illustrate just how deep the Congress is in the pockets of special interests……this project was neither wanted or needed by the military….but yet we had to have it……..F-35.

A new setback for the Pentagon’s costliest weapons program: The military’s entire fleet of 97 F-35 fighter jets has been grounded while the military probes a runway fire on one of the jets last month, reports CNN. “Additional inspections of F-35 engines have been ordered, and return to flight will be determined based on inspection results and analysis of engineering data,” a Pentagon official says. Officials in Australia and South Korea say they haven’t changed their plans to buy scores of the single-engine fighters, Reuters reports. The F-35 program, which has cost the military almost $400 billion, was grounded last year when a cracked engine blade was discovered.

That’s right, Irene….the American people spent $400 billion on a plane that the military said they could live without…..and yet the Congress went ahead with the construction of this piece of crap…..

Now you tell me just how representative the Congress really is……..we bought a piece of crap……similar to the “virtual fence” for border security….it was built and never worked and yet we still had to pay for it….now I know why so many companies want those lucrative government contracts……

Protect Those Freebies

The US Congress has a 7% approval rating…..most Americans think our elected officials are pathetic do nothing parasites…….I mean they get paid for doing nothing and then on top of that they get all kinds of freebies….gym, haircuts, mail, and how about those trips that they call “fact finding” mission when in reality are just a free trip sometimes with the family…….and the final stupidity is that they get re-elected…how’s that for moronic?

Apparently Congress will do whatever they can to protect and keep as secret as possible their “freebies”……

The things that happen behind closed doors: In the case of the House, a quiet move that removed the requirement that lawmakers spell out free trips they’ve taken on annual financial-disclosure forms. The House Ethics Committee made no public announcement of the change, which the National Journal discovered in its review of the most recent crop of filings and which it notes “reverses more than three decades of precedent” stretching back to post-Watergate days. The head of an ethics-minded watchdog group calls it “an obvious effort to avoid accountability.”

But the AP points out that the freebie trips will still have to be reported to the publicly available House clerk’s website, and notes that the information logged there is far more specific than what lawmakers have had to provide on their financial disclosure forms (for instance, those forms didn’t require the lawmaker to share lodging and transportation costs). But the National Journal calls those forms the “chief document” the media and watchdogs have long reviewed in relation to lawmakers’ finances. As a lobbyist for a consumer group that tracks the Ethics Committee’s moves puts it, the change “just seems a little odd.” (Click to read about how lawmakers and lobbyists vacation together … legally.)

Personally, I think these SLACKERS should get NOTHING for free until they go back to work……..and since the American people are NOT capable of replacing these parasites through the election process then they should get NOTHING for free…….NO WORK NO PAY!