A Nation of Immigrants That Hates Immigrants

By now the internet is exploding with the events of a couple of days ago…that would be the protest against a bus carrying women and children in California…..it sems that these people were overflow from a holding facility and were sent off to be processed in some jerk water town in the desert…….more to the story……

The chants heard yesterday included “USA!” but it wasn’t a World Cup scene. Southern California protesters were also shouting “Deport, Deport!” and “Go home” at three buses carrying undocumented immigrants—a large number of them women and children from Central America—who had recently entered the US via Texas. They had been flown to San Diego and were headed to the Murrieta Border Patrol station where the roughly 140 people aboard were to be processed; the Los Angeles Times reports supervised release was to follow in advance of an immigration court appearance. But the protesters blocked the road and were able to force the buses to turn around and head back toward San Diego. CNN reports they were instead taken to a border station in San Ysidro.

As CNN explains, Texas facilities are jam-packed, due in part to an influx of immigrant children, leading detainees to be sent out of state for processing. KFMB reports this was the first of a number of planned transfers, and Murrieta’s police chief says his expectation is that 140 immigrants will be arriving in his town every three days—with another group due to get in on Friday. The town’s mayor is none too pleased: On Monday, Alan Long encouraged residents to protest the decision; the city had managed to block two previous plans to send detainees to its border station, he noted.

Yes, these people were illegal and were under detention for processing back to their country of origin…..and then some mental midgets thought they could get on the tellie by making an ass of themselves.

What kind of idiot takes their frustrations out on children and women….well my guess would be the racists of the Tea Party.  A pack of rabid morons, like the villagers in the Frankenstein movie, surrounded the bus and chanted the mind numbing bullshit of idiots.

Only cowards were treat children like this.  We have a immigration problem that needs work….but that does not give a mob of morons the right to attack and bully children……cowards is too mild a word to describe these “people”…….

Sorry, there is NO defense for this….but then being cowardly is what they do best!  Anytime people act like a pack of rabid animals it is a blemish on the country good name…..but that does not matter to these types…..it is never about the country just their perverted racist views.

Shredding the Fourth Amendment in Post-Constitutional America – The Unz Review

In this world where many are worried about the first and second amendment rights…………Everybody and I do mean……..EVERYBODY has an opinion on the loss of privacy and such…….but the 4th amendment is being shredded and no matter where you are on the political spectrum………you should be WORRIED!


Shredding the Fourth Amendment in Post-Constitutional America – The Unz Review.

If Ever There Was An Anti-Christ

I do not use Facebook for anything….I have NEVER become a member….they just want too much info that I am not willing to have on their server………I do use Twitter but it is mostly for news feeds and breaking news….I do very little social crap on there……to me Facebook is as close to an anti-Christ as we can get……but now facebook is experimenting with the people that use it……..

News of a Facebook social experiment examining the effect positive or negative posts have on users has prompted justifiable anger. What it shouldn’t provoke is surprise. After all, online companies are conducting similar “A/B tests” all the time in order to maximize usage and profits, writes David Weinberger at CNN. For instance, Amazon might try putting a banner on one side of the site for some users and the other side for others, with the goal of determining which side generates more clicks. Such testing is done on everything from “font sizes to colors to the depth of the drop shadows.”

The trouble with Facebook’s newly-revealed experiment is that it played with our emotions. But that’s nothing new: Our Facebook feeds are always based on algorithms, and they’re “based on what works for Facebook, Inc., and only secondarily based on what works for us as individuals and as a society,” Weinberger writes. Facebook’s goal is “happy customers,” but that just means people who visit and click a lot. So what should be done about it? Perhaps filters could be more user-controlled or designed with “socially desirable aims.” But we can’t expect such changes when we’re giving social data to “commercial entities that have as their primary interest not the health of our society and culture, but their bottom line.” Click for his full piece.

All I can say is…use Facebook at your own peril…….I do not trust them as far as I can spit them……….

Home Of The Free

We Americans take great pride in the title….home of the free…….we go so far as to try and rebuild other countries in our image……not always a successful attempt….but we can be proud of the freedoms we have and others jealously desire…..

But you know that may not be exactly the truth……

Americans are feeling a lot less like the land of the free than they were eight years ago—possibly because they believe the government is corrupt, a new Gallup poll finds. Asked in 2013 if they were satisfied with their level of personal freedom, 79% said they were, down from 91% in 2006, while 21% said they were dissatisfied. That put the US just 36th among all countries. (If you’re curious, New Zealand, at 94%, was No.1, followed by Australia, Sweden, and of all places Cambodia, which were tied at 93%.)

Only 10 other countries have seen a larger decline than the US, and many of those, like Egypt and Greece, have undergone major political or economic crises. One explanation for the drop: The growing belief that the government is corrupt. The number of people saying corruption was widespread has risen steadily from 59% in 2006 to 79% in 2013.

Cambodia….the home of Pol Pot and Khmer rouge….they feel more free than we do?

Does this not scare the living crap out of you?  We Americans feel like the corruption in government is growing and growing out of control….that also should worry you.