Did Someone Drop A Coma?

Today we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776….it is no secret that I do not submit to the evidence that Jefferson wrote the document…..at best he worked from notes but the ideas were NOT his…..if i had to venture a guess I would say the notes were provided by Thomas Paine……

Sorry, I digress…..there seems to be a mistake in the DoI that is just coming to light……

It’s being hailed as “the battle of the period.” Is a small spec of ink that appears on the Declaration of Independence a period or not? In a draft paper that one historian calls “a remarkably convincing piece of detective work,” Danielle Allen argues that the period found after “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” on the National Archives and Records Administration’s official transcript doesn’t appear on the original (which is now faded nearly to the point of illegibility)—or most other copies—and indicates that the list of self-evident truths ends there. That’s a “serious misunderstanding,” Allen tells the New York Times.

“That, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed” follows the supposed period, leading most Americans to see the essential role of governments in protecting those rights as subordinate—which is not what Thomas Jefferson intended, Allen says. She began her research two years ago, and has a slew of examples in which the period does not appear: in Jefferson’s draft, in a broadside Congress ordered on July 4, or in Congress’ official records, among others; that said, it does appear in other printings, including the 1823 copperplate that the National Archives has relied on. Writes Allen in her paper, “All the historical and textual evidence points in the direction [that it was] a comma.” A rep for the National Archives says it is now considering changes to the Declaration’s online presentation based on Allen’s research.

And now we go have a BBQ…..think it over……..have a day!

Message For The 4th

Today we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence…..not by making sure that the document signed by our founding fathers holds true today as it did in those early days…..no we celebrate by bitching about gas prices, the president and by attacking anyone who does not agree with us…….that is NOT what the founders would have wanted.

We need to take the day and talk and teach the people what it meant to declare our independence….Me?  I will be doing everything I can to educate my fellow Americans…..there is so much we as a people do not understand and I will trying to rectify that oversight.

I will take the day off from beating you guys abut the brain with facts and figures…….we all need a break…..we all need a day of pure nothingness……

So I wish all my readers and followers a very happy 4th…..enjoy the day filled with food, fun and family……may we all work for a better understanding and a better country.