Obama Is Being Called Names

It would appear that the administration has sunk into the level of the rest of the conservative dinks. Someone has called Obama “intellectually lazy”, meaning? No one is quite sure what they mean, but it has been said and now the Obama campaign has to respond. Yes, they have to respond or appear to be weak and inconsistent.

IMO, it is their attempt to sabotage the campaign because of his not voting on the MoveOn, org. Obama needs to jump on this immediately, for the longer he waits the more validity it will hold in the media. Dems have this tendency to wait and see what will transpire and it bites them in the butt. Clinton seems to be the only one who wastes no time striking back. By not striking back, Obama, will look more and more like the inexperienced candidate that all are trying to paint him.

Recently Bush said that Clinton appears to be the nominee. That could be seen as an attempt to influence the voters by painting a mental picture that Bush supports Clinton and that would not be good for those who despise Bush. Now this coulod be seen as an attempt to influence voters, by making Obama look like he cannot win because of inexperience, that would then leave Edwards as a choice and the Repubs would have an excellent change in defeating him.

So is this a plan or just coincidence? Sorry guys, I do not believe in coincidence in politics.


Clinton Gets Weird Endorsement

Are you ready for this? Pres Bush has said that Clinton will be the Dems nominee for the election. a round about endorsement?

In reality, it is a way to try and solidify the Repubs and to try and find that one Repub who would actually have a chance against her. Plus it could be an attempt to influence Dems, especially those who opponents of anything Bush does. This will try and show that he likes Clinton and that would drive voters to another candidate, especially one that a Repub could have a great show against.

Another cute marketing trick, it is called a “testimonial”. It is a end run but it is still a testimonial.