FOX’s Republican Debates

How to best describe the event? YAWN! comes to mind. FOX did nothing to further the process they offered up underhand softball pitches that were nothing short of mind numbing. The only bright spot, IMO, was Paul. He continued to be confrontational and well informed. His exchanges with other candidates was good and I liked them.

unfortunately, the rest of the time it was snooze city. No wonder the Repubs like Thompson! The batch they have now is about as boring and unmotivated as any I have ever seen. I am a political geek or junkie or……whatever term you prefer and as such after about 30 mins I had to go watch SpongeBob.

If you are a Repub I feel for you. May I suggest that you consider Paul, at least you would have a candidate with conviction, passion and brains. You could do worse and you probably WILL!


The Non-candidate Candidate Is Now A Candidate

Finally, Fred Thompson has announced that he is a candidate, it is official and Leno was the source of the announcement. He skipped the Repub debates that FOX was holding. Cool! He will get more ratings boost from Leno than he would have from FOX.

Now we will see if he can hold onto his 3rd place standing now that he is a candidate. He will now have to be specific in his stands. Well as specific as a politician can be, which at best is a vague collection of random thoughts.

Let the attacks begin!

Reorganize The Iraqi Security Force

A recent report offered up some considerations on the possible reorganization of Iraqi security forces. After reading them I thought, would not this have been the best course from the beginning? I guess one could say better late than never. I reply–tell that to the dead Iraqis!

You know, I think we could have a better perspective on this war if we would remove our heads from our asses.

Some recommendations in a study on Iraq’s security forces:

• Disband and reorganize Iraq’s national police.

• Create instead a smaller organization responsible for specialized tasks, such as explosive ordnance disposal and urban search and rescue.

• Restructure the Interior Ministry, develop a five-year plan and work toward sustaining forces “in a manner that is free of real or perceived sectarian favoritism.”

• Develop a functioning logistics and maintenance system within the Iraqi army that would enable it to operate independently of U.S. units.

• Continue to foster leadership development within the Iraqi army using its “train the trainers” approach.

• Establish a formal Iraqi police academy.

• Work with Iraqi leaders to provide heavily armored vehicles and better weapons for the police.

And you think that morons can run a war? HA!