Professor’s Weekly News UpDate

A cheer goes up through the masses assembled (all one of me) they all anxiously await the offering of News With All The Blues!

So without further entertaining tidbits I give you the news.

1–Mom drives 12 yr old son and friends to homes they burglarize and then she drives them to Pawn shop. Who says parents do not spend quality time with the kids?

2–In South Africa there is a gang that is breaking into cars and rooms. They raid refrigs and vandalize—They are BABOONS!

3–Ebay is selling a unique item the price was $14 million before the auction was cancelled–It was the country of Belgium!

4–Mel Gibson is still pouting about his Jew thing, so he is selling his US home and moving to Costa Rica…..thinking….who f*cking cares!

5–Guy attempts to climb Mt. Everest in the nude… about shrinkage!

6–Sen. Craig will not resign for now–big surprise, huh?

7–US Navy has built a bldg in San Diego in the shape of a swastika, they knew it but did not change until caught.

8–Poor Vick! Good thing he does not smoke pot. WAIT! He DOES smoke pot!

9–Russian woman gives birth to her 12th child–it weighed 17 lbs! OUCH!

QUESTION: A new Long John Silver ad says that you can get 2 crab cakes stuffed with lobster……..thinking…..stuffed with lobster? Would that not be a lobster cake? Just wondering.