Recent Democratic Debate

Last night was the day that Obama promised something new in his campaign. For the life of me I could not find anything new.

Here is my take on the debate–I am not endorsing anyone just my observations on the get together.

Edwards–Was pretty strong on his attacks on Clinton and her stands on some of the issues.

Obama–His was a low key attack on Clinton, nothing new there.

Clinton–looked presidential, she remained unflappable, but as usual she was very unclear on her stances and elusive on her answers. Her electability was called into question on several occasions.

Biden–he was pretty good. he had the best line of the debate. when asked about Rudy he said that a sentence from him has three parts; a noun, a verb and 9/11.

Kucinich–as always had good things to say, but it will be overshadowed by the UFO thing.

Richardson–tried to be the good guy, and he just cannot break out of the pack.

Dodd–needs to call it a day and go home.

OK, what were the winners and losers. IMO, Edwards won, not for what he said, but for the tenacity in which he went for Clinton. Clinton was second, only because she kept a cool head under the attacks on her stances. A distant third, was Obama, if that was his attack then he needs to rethink his tactics or go home. Way down in fourth, is Kucinich and Biden, some good points but the media will do everything to downplay their importance. The big losers were Richardson and Dodd.

These are just my personal takes on the debate. I am sure that I am not in the same crowd as the media and talk show hosts.


US General Gets Wounded

It is being reported that Brig. Gen. Dorko was wounded by an IED that exploded near his convoy. He is resting peacefully in a hospital in Germany. I am so pleased that he is OK. I guess he will earn another Purple Heart for the effort. That should make him popular with the media that wants to spin this war as something noble and good.

The only comment I have on this situation is that it is about time that the Upper echelon felt the fear and panic that is felt by the average grunt. Another thing is I can say “welcome to their nightmare general.”

I will watch to see how much play this general gets in the media.

Weekly News UpDate

Sunday–Sunday–You bought a seat but you will only use the edge!

Not much happening in the news, except for the massive redundancy of fires.


1-Harry Porter’s, Dumbeldore, is gay. Was that really of concern to people?

2–Jindal, elected gov. of Louisiana. The 1st Indian-American to ever get elected as gov. he will also be the youngest. Do you care?

3–Fires in Malibu

4–Fires in Orange County

5–Fires around San Diego

6–Fires in……you have got the picture right?

7–Fires coming under control.

8–Houston couple arrested for cocaine was found in kid’s blood.

OK, the redundancy is over, you may return the seat in the upright position.


Found another anal statement by a world leader. This one is really good.

Israel has vowed not to cause a humanitarian crisis in Gaza – despite plans to cut fuel and electricity in a bid to halt rocket attacks. This one is from the mouth of Israeli PM Olmert.

I wish him luck, he could be the next ASSIE award winner.

Professor’s Poll Watch

I recently was doing research and came across all polls that were predicting outcomes of the presidential election. The asked about the three frontrunners in the races. In everyone poll except one the Democrat beat the Repub no matter which candidate was up against the Dems. The only pool that had the Repub beating the Dem candidate was the Zogby poll, it had:

Giuliani beating Edwards by 3%

These early polls are showing just how bad and anxious the American people are to change the leadership of the country.

National Blackout Day

Activists and leaders on the Left have asked for a national day where no one spends money, if not necessary. This is not just anti-war, people are asked to do this in the name of whatever is important to them. The environment, war, civil rights, etc; whatever is important to the individual.

The National Blackout is schedule for the day of 02 Nov 07.

The organizers realize this will not be a total thing, but any help would be appreciated. The old saying , “if you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything” rings true.

Please help, this country is in trouble, deep trouble and financial pain is the only thing most understand. You have the power–USE IT!

California Fire Hardships

Hardships? What are those hardships? Part of an AP story, “With some of the worst wildfires dying down, many Southern Californians lucky enough to find their homes still standing could nevertheless face hardships for weeks to come, including polluted air, no electricity and no drinking water.

Power lines are down in many burned-over areas, and the smoke and ash could irritate people’s lungs for as long as the blazes keep burning.

Randy and Aimee Powers returned to this mountain community in San Diego County on Friday to find their home without electricity or water, after fire trucks drained the town’s reservoir.”

I am sorry for their losses, but what are the hardships? They can find shelter with no prob. There is plenty of food and places to eat, places to stay and etc. Government has done everything but read them a bedtime story, so what will the hardships be?

The hardships will be emotional and that is something the individual has to deal with. Other than that they have it made!

Political Quote Of The Week

Saturday arrives–Fires are quiet–Bush is an idiot–Life is good!

This one is from Truman and it is super good advice that ALL Americans should heed.

You can never get all the facts from just one newspaper, and unless you have all the facts, you cannot make proper judgments about what is going on.Harry S Truman,

That was fun, let us do it again sometime, say…….next Saturday.

Blackwater–Government Bail out?

The U.S. Embassy on Wednesday began offering tens of thousands of dollars in payments to victims and families of victims of the Sept. 16 shootings in Baghdad involving security guards from the firm Blackwater Worldwide, according to relatives and U.S. officials.

Family members of several victims turned down the compensation, out of concern that accepting the funds would limit their future claims against the North Carolina-based security contractor and its chief executive, Erik Prince. Others said that the money being offered — in some cases $12,500 for a death — was paltry and that they wanted to sue Blackwater in an American court.

What the hell is this!?! The US govt is trying to save Blackwater’s butt by trying to get people to settle for a lesser sum.

Why is the US gov. trying to bail out Blackwater? They seem to want the company NOT to be held responsible for its actions. Why? What has Blackwater done for the government that it needs to be protected at all costs? I will be watching, for there is more to this story than reaches the ear.

AFTER NOTE: I read someplace that the US Intel services uses private contractors to gather Intel. Now somewhere, somehow, that has got to be a bad thing. I do not want some “cowboy” agent running around pretending to be 007.

Enough said?