To Break A Union

I have heard it said that the newest thing between GM and the UAW would be to break the back of the union and I agreed with that analysis, at first, but now I do not. Why? Because the Union is already broken. The GM lost nothing and gain everything. The stock went up by 9% on Wednesday after the announcement that the strike was over. That one fact shows that GM won that round for investors see it as a good thing and will make them money.

The Union is now saddled with the retirement fund and health care and less wages and etc…..where did they win? This will only help the final demise of the Unions in the US, for they are being shown to have less and less strength when it come to contract negotiations.

Now UAW moves on to Chrysler and Ford and the workers there had better put their heads between their knees and kiss their asses good-bye. They will be just as screwed as their GM comrades.

Enough said? I think so!

Democratic Debates–Again!

Last night in NH the democratic candidates came together for another debate; this time the pre-season is over and the real presidential season has begun. I will admit that they were much better than the ones in the past, where everyone so damn polite to each other that you could contract diabetes by listening to them. The night was mostly rules by foreign policy and healthcare.

My take on the winners and losers.

Clinton won the night–not because of her stances on the issue, which are still pretty vague and old school, but because she was attacked from all sides and she remained calm and presidential. She held it together during the constant attacks on her issues and policies.

Second was Biden, he still has the passion and conviction of his stances and made good points on the war and such.

Third was Edwards–not because of his issues, but rather his desperation and his blatant attacks.

Then there is Obama–he looked better than he has in the past; calmer and more serene, but he still does not impress me much on how he handles the issues. He was not outstanding, IMO.

Finally, there are Dodd, Richardson, Kucinich and Gravel–all we just there. Kucinich, as usual was confrontational but not to the point that anyone will listen. I still like his style, but who am I? Dodd? I am not sure about anything. The rest were just there.

The only high point, IMO, was when they were asked about the troops coming home. Kucinich said as soon as he was president, Biden said less than a year or so, the rest would not commit. A minus in my book.

This is how I see it, not the same as the media, but I am more accurate.

27 Sept 2007