What Is Up With MoveOn.Org?

Recently the pres was all over MoveOn.org in one of his manure spreading photo ops. he called their recent ad in the WSJ about Patraeus as “disgusting”.

Thinking…..thinking……Is MoveOn.org on the Bush payroll? They are a liberal site, a “leftist” site? But for ten days the Bush Admin has gotten miles and miles of use out of the ad. The ad has given these guys an opportunity to divert attention from the inconsistency of the Iraq reports and call into their patriotism. It has worked and worked well. Seldom has the media attempted to explain the different reports and their conclusions, which by the way are no where near what the Pres and the Repubs are saying. They spin a little news then they immediately fly off into a diatribe about the MoveOn.org ad. Even the Congress has jumped on this silly bandwagon. When? They passed a thing yesterday that condemned the organization for their add. A waste of time at best.

Just looks like that MoveOn.org was the best thing that could have happened to Bush for he has something that can divert attention from the not-so-good reports that have been given to Congress. Even the lame Congress is playing this game.

Are you asking yourself why the fuss? If not then maybe your are in a coma or maybe just a moron.


What Are The Democrats Afraid Of?

It seems that the Democrats are afraid to attack the Repubs on the issues. The (Dems) just keep offering the same type of legislation and they keep losing the vote. They have been given every opportunity to use the votes as a PR ploy, but so far have refused to call the repubs to task. Why?

Well I guess there are a few reasons that I can think of right now. One is that they have a plan to keep offering measures and bills that are defeated time and time again. Then during the election they will roll out the results and use it to their advantage. If this is the case, I do not think it will be successful. They need to attack now and keep the Repubs on their heels. Just keep hammering them time and time again. So far the Dems are just accepting defeat and move on to the new bill to give themselves time to reword the Iraq bill so that they can offer it again. IMO, this is wasting time.

Second, the Dems are afraid that if they attack the Repubs they will lose any independents that may be leaning toward them. They may be fearful that they will be seen as negative. Again, this is looking toward the election, not to the benefit of the troops. The Dems do need to find ground to bring the light on the Repubs and their defeats of all proposals to end the war or at least some of the funding.

The election is in a little over a year and the Dems are not gaining that many new supporters. Why? They promised to end the war; they failed. Please do not say it is because they do to have the votes to end it . That is a cope out! They knew this when they promised! These people are just playing the game and the American people have lost the bet!