Hillary’s Healthcare

Hillary has offered her new plan for the health care problem in this country. She is offering the Congressional plan to the US. She has said that this would not create a huge new bureaucracy and that the people could keep the doctors and stuff they know and trust. There is a provision for the uninsured with a medicare-like program. So on and so on.

Well, I see holes where people can fall through the cracks. It is just a reform of an existing program. After all Ms Clinton does get considerable financial support from the health care system. So any attempts to so called “socialize” health care is just plain and simply stupid. She is not gonna offer something that would harm one of her political bases. It is still health care for profit. And huge profits at that.

This program may help a few more people, but it is no universal health care, where everyone has access to health care. Her proposal is just a rehash of one she had back in 1994, I believe. There is no adequate health care proposal out there and as a result the people will be no better off than they are today.

There is an answer but unfortunately no one wants to hear the truth. And the truth is the only way to guarantee that everyone has access to adequate health care is for a program that will include everyone–unfortunately for the people that program is nowhere in the cards, only pale programs that still allow the medical profession to continue to hold the public hostage.


Global War On Drugs

This is a point of contention for me. After 20+ yrs nothing was been accomplished with the exception of spending my money on a worthless endeavor. This war has had some minor successes, like they stop a shipment or so a year, but unfortunately none of the stoppage has put a dent in the flow of drugs into the US. So why do we continue to fight a war that we seemingly cannot win? A very good question with only one answer–bureaucracy. They have created a monster that can only consume resources and produces little in return. Now ask why does it continue? If it were a business and showed as little return on investment it would have shut down years ago. But instead it just keeps consuming with little results. Then why does it live on? Another short answer–money! The contractors in the WOD are making billions and billions and that will keep the war going forever.

As Nathan Nadelmann has said, “it is always dangerous when rhetoric drives policy”. They want to reduce the use of drugs by American society, but think about it, has there ever been a drug free society? HELL NO! But day after day, these guys just keep the rhetoric coming. The rhetoric that “we” are winning the WOD, when in reality there is a wealth of info that says we are not. You have about as much chance for a drug free society as you had an alcohol free society in the Prohibition. And how did that work out?

You do realize that if the WOD and Iraq War were eliminated there would be enough money for just about ALL social programs, to include Health, education, etc. So now I ask you, what is more important to you, the WOD or the betterment of the American people?