Burma—What is The Difference

Well to begin with Professor it is Myanmar, at least for now. Let’s go to the news–yesterday the military junta and its lackeys killed 9 pro-democracy protesters in the streets of Yangon or is it Rangoon or maybe it is ………… It is all so damn confusing!

But yet, an Israeli air strike kills 11 people in Gaza and the news is silent. What is the difference? Professor..Professor….Professor (he said shaking his head)…..the difference is Israel is a “democracy’ and Myanmar is a military dictatorship. And that means…..? Israel is a good guy that we support and Myanmar is not.

So the difference is politics? Pretty good answer and yes it is. The whole situation and the condemnation is about politics. The Congress is in the process of condemning the UN because the UN condemned Israel. That whole thing is just silly.

I apologize but the dead do not care what side of a political question you are on. Gaza is in the hands of terrorists and as such it apparently is just ducky to kill civilians as long as you use the word terrorists someplace in the story.


So speaks the Professor!

Bush Seeks More War Funds

And he will probably get them. The Dems are trying to put some earmarks on the bill to accomplish something. It may work or who knows. It will depend on how bad the Prez wants to extra funds.

But wait! The Admin has said the extra money will be for equipment repair, safer vehicles, and…..wait….,wait…safer vehicles? You mean the troops, who are the most important thing to this admin, at least that is their line, still does not have safer vehicles? WHY?

This is a sad thing the Admin is doing! If the Dems defeat the call for more funds, the Repubs will use it as an election tool to make the Dems seem as if they are abandoning the troops. What a sick, sick and perverted game these a/holes play. When will the people realize just how perverted these people are? Unfortunately, not in my lifetime. I can only hope that somewhere down the line people will realize just how sick politicians are and hopefully will do something about it.

But, I ask a lot and I know that deep down the people will just roll over and ignore the crap so they do not have to think.


DUCK! The Minorities Are Coming!

The Republican front runners are ducking another minority forum. Rudy,Mitt,McCain and Thompson all are ducking the African-American forum in Baltimore. They cite scheduling as the reason they cannot attend. Scheduling problems? Is that not the same lame excuse they used for not appearing at a Hispanic forum?

What are the Repubs afraid of they would purposefully duck out on a voting bloc? Could it be that they have nothing for minorities? The Repubs spend all their time telling us how they want to help companies make all the money and that they have NO idea what to do with the domestic side of the election. Any stand on a domestic issue that they may have gives companies a free hand with the people. Not one of them has a descent domestic stand. They spend all their time playing the Bush Fear Card and none on the policies that would actually help the American people.

So, with that said–Repubs are cowards! They had rather duck out of a fight than stand their ground and tell the people where they stand on the issues.

THEY ARE COWARDS!!!!!! I do not want a coward running my country. How about you?