I have found another candidate for the ASSIE AWARD to be given by me every year. This quote is from the Miss Teen Pageant from the the young lady representing South Carolina.

When asked why some in the US do not have much knowledge of geography, her answer was:

“Personally I believe that it is because that in the USA some do not have access to maps”.

First of all, I did realize there was a shortage of maps. Second, she is 17 yrs old and that would make her a product of the Bush education policies. “Nuff said?

Please feel free to to add to the list of anal statements made by people–your input will be greatly appreciated.

When Is It Time To Let Them Die?

What is it about people that have this morbid streak that refuses to let people die? Elvis, Di, so on. We must relive their lives over and over and over….OK Di was a wonderful person, a good mother and do-da, but she is dead. Why not let her die in peace? We are bombarded with stories, she died 10 yrs ago. Why? Is the retention of information by the people so bad that they must be reminded over and over ……….?

Elvis—the same. Only he died 30 yrs ago and he is still a big draw. Somebody is making money on his memory. Let him die. If he was that important to the people–he WILL be remembered.

Do you remember Audrey Hepburn? Yes, she was a movie star. But beyond that she was a great humanitarian that was a special envoy for the UN. Do you remember anything she did? Probably not! She was not the glamour that you seek. She was just a great person that did not want to publicize everything she did.

You let her die, now when will it be time to let the rest die?


Professor’s PollWatch

I kinda like finding this stuff, adds to my understanding of why the society is sooooo screwed up.

Associated Press poll shows that 25% of the people did not read a book last year. 41% read between 1 and 5, 31% read between 6 and 15 and lastly, 27% read more than 15 books.

Which describes you? Me? I am in the 27% group.

People! Drop the remote! Read a flippin’ book!