Food Prices Are Falling

About all that I can say to that is—HUH? Apparently no one who makes such comments ever goes shopping for food.

I recently saw on a news ticker that the prices of food has fallen for the fourth straight month. Thinking….thinking….how does one answer this claim? I found a few stats that should help people understand what a pile of steaming crap that statement is.

In the last month these are the increases on food stuffs that we all buy:

Eggs up 20%
Milk up 13%
Chicken up 10%

I think that the stats were manipulated to make the average working person feel more confident in the economy and their chances of a piece of the “good life”. It is a LIE! The economy, for working people, is getting worse and more unequal.

Is there hope for the average American? Yes, but they will not find it in the system as it is now. All they have to look forward to, no matter who wins the election, is more of the same. But as usual the people will buy into the lies and promises of the candidates and when they do not deliver, the people will wait for the next election to try and find someone who will have their best interest at heart. It will, as always, be a futile search.

Einstein once said that insanity was doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result–I agree. The American people prove this theory daily, for they continue to put there trust in a group of people that could care less about them.

All I can say is–STOP waiting for change! YOU CAN bring that change, but you have to get involved. JUST DO IT!

20 Sept 2007