John Edwards, The Populist?

At a recent meeting of the INKWELL Discussion Group, the INKWELL 3, it was decided that from time to time a statement on the candidates will be released. We will begin this series with our opinion on the Democratic candidate John Edwards.

It has been said that Edwards is really a leftist, a populist. His ideas on healthcare, foreign policy and so forth are said to be from the extreme left wing of the party. To this I say–BUNK! This candidate is NO leftist; he is however a staunch capitalist and there lies his true nature.

Here is my take on the candidate, Edwards. He is small minded, parochial, conformist, acquisitive, and easily manipulated by the power base. He tries to be anti-intellectual, scapegoats easy/abstract targets; he is charismatic, yet appears to be approachable and promotes small scale capitalism. All this plays well with the public, but IMO, is not enough for the masses to support him. His ambulance chasing past will come out more and more and will turn off the voter more and more.

If the voter is on the left then I suggest they continue to find another candidate, for Edwards is no LEFTIST!


14 Sept 2007

How To Avoid A Trainwreck

May I see a show of hands from those that have been watching the trainwrecks known as Paris, Britney and Lohan? Just about every- f*cking- body. COOL!

Now let us talk about Latin singing star Shakira. This young lady, OK I will admit a cutie with a great set of hips, but other than the obvious, she has helped build schools and kids programs in her native Columbia. Now she is enrolled in a Western civilization class at UCLA. Her prof, who did not know who she was until recently, has said that she is a very good student. She has taken other classes as well.

So to those that condemn these entertainers like Britney and Lohan, should see that not all are the fluff whores that the gruesome threesome portray. Maybe these air headed bimbos should take a page from Shakira’s book on life. Apparently she is handling it better than anyone of the others.

But the more I think about those 3 going back to school, they would just resort to the time honored practice of f*cking your way to an “A”. At least, they would be doing something constructive with their lives, instead of trying to go through it on auto pilot.

My hat is off to Shakira for her handling her life. There needs to be more role models like her. it is just ashame that this type of story gets very little play, instead we had rather hear about the personal trainwrecks of the Fluff Whores! Society is just f*cking sick!

I be done–Peace–Out!


The Sub Prime Crisis

Alrighty then, hopefully you are aware of the crisis in the subprime market. If not, then here ya go! The subprime is when borrowers had bad credit or did not make enough money to buy a house. They were referred to a subprime lender who worked with them so they could buy the American dream.

Now that there are layoffs and such, some are coming forward and telling of the shady practices of these lenders. Thinking…..thinking…….they are saying that they lied on applications to help secure the loans. That is a felony! If they are so worried about it, why did they not report it when they were doing it? Answer–f*cking greed! They make ba-zillions off these people, but now that their cash cow has dried up, they are so concerned about the practices of the companies that worked within the subprime markets.

Give me a break you little weasel, you are pissed you got laid off and now you are spilling your guts. I say everyone of them needs to be prosecuted for their greed. This is nothing more than a bunch of crooks pouting over the loss of their exploitation of working people. Nothing they are saying is about doing the right thing, just sour grapes from being laid off.

These organizations, IMO, are pigs and deserve to be sent to slaughter.


What Can The Democrats Do?—Page 3

First of all let us look at a few facts. Presidential approval is at 30% nationwide. 65% of the American people are against the war. The people voted the Dems into office on a anti-war program. Dems are still not capable of stand up to the president.

Now I will say to the Dems. “GROW SOME CAJONES!” You were tasked to end this obscenity. Go on the attack! You have been given an attack opening take it! But then, I ask, were you ever seriously considering ending the war or was it political sh*t to get elected? Do you weasels realize just how impotent you appear to those who voted for you last year? Come on! I mean you cannot find a way to take on an unpopular president? If not, step aside and find people with nuts!

OK, let me give you an idea, since none of you seem to be able to find a handle. Give Pres 90 days to come up with a compromise or the dollars dry up. It is just that simple. Try it, you will like it!

Keep in mind also guys, there is an election coming and the people that helped you get in office will be voting again. Why would they vote for anyone who cannot find a way to stand up to an unpopular president? Just a thought, Dudes!