Candidates And Image

If you want to be a candidate there are three words that you MUST remember. MARKETABILITY! MARKETABILITY! MARKETABILITY!

I would bet that you thought it was issues! HA! Issues are secondary to the candidate, how they are perceived by the public is everything. Look at Rudy, while speaking to the NRA he gets a call from his wife on his cel and takes it and appears to be the loving husband. Either his wife has no idea where he is at any given time or it was a staged event to improve an image that is not too good with the NRA-ers. There is one other possibility, it was a fake call, which IMO, is not above Rudy to do. This was what image makers call a “warm fuzzy” moment.

Watch whatever candidate you would like, you will see such marketing ploys as the warm fuzzy,patriotic themes, informal poses, action shots, and finally the staged event. Edwards has used the informal and action shots especially in New Orleans. They all use one or all of these techniques to sell the voter that they are just like them. THEY ARE NOT! Nothing about them is the same with the exception of gender.

The American voter is not sold the best person with the best ideas, but instead the one that has the best appearance. If you buy it you deserve the piece of crap you get.


Professor’s Classroom

Monday, Monday, so good to me………OSIM! So begins another week of total BS.

Good morning class! Another day of quizzes!

Today’s question is: Name the US president that was an escaped indentured servant in his younger days?

You may begin and silence is golden, at least while I nap!