A Possible Answer To Controlling Sectarian Violence

This plan could have some merits but it would have to be watched and protected for awhile.

Why Recruit Minorities for the Iraqi Military?

At the moment, many minority groups in Iraq face greater security threats from more dominant Sunni and Shia groups. They experience violence from militias, insurgents, and foreign fighters. Even more, the Iraqi state provides no protection for minorities. Corruption in the Iraqi police and military, coupled with religious and ethnic violence, renders Iraqi authorities incapable of providing security for minorities. Various groups like the Shabaks currently face the possibility of genocide in Iraq. For this reason, it is possible for the United States to receive support from these groups in exchange for minority protection.

The United States must be prepared to provide special protection for these groups to persuade them into seeing that their security interests lie with American forces. Since minority groups lack militias to provide them protection, this void can be filled by recuriting more minorities to join the I.S.F. Furthermore, it is very likely that if left to their own devices such groups might eventually be severely diminished in number due to the ongoing violence, or that more militias may emerge as minority groups seek to provide for their own security.

If the United States can manage to persuade the Maliki government to provide special minority rights and state protection for such groups, their leaders may not only see their interests tied with America, but also with the Iraqi state. Moreover, the United States can bind the allegiance of minority groups to the Iraqi state as they join the ranks of the I.S.F. Integrated brigades or brigades composed solely of minority groups loyal to an Iraqi state that makes an effort to provide for their welfare would present an opportunity to substitute them for the Shia militias that influence the decisions of the Maliki government. Iraq, a nation with both a weak government and military, must gain legitimacy by restoring civil order, which is most likely to come from a national army that serves government interests. Such order can come about through the use of integrated or minority brigades.

No Child Left Behind

One of Bush’s many failed policies.

No Child Left Behind.

This was the Bush educational policy. It is scary! By now all have seen the video on youtube of Miss Teen South Carolina ans her answer on why American students are not as proficient in geography as other nations. In case you are in the dark, her answer was a shortage of maps. Since she is 17 yrs old, that makes her a product of the Bush educational policy.

Another scary thing pertaining to the Bush policy is the ad for a company that lends students money for college. The ad points out that a lot of students fall short of the required monies for college The ad gives a multiple choice question with answers. The answers are:

A–search couch for loose change.

B–sell a kidney

C–play the lottery

D–call said company for a loan.

It is so bad that the ad guy gives the correct answer of D. It is an ad for a company and the company’s name is one of the answers and yet they have to give the correct answer. Does not bid well for the “No Child Left Behind” program.

Does not say too much for the intelligence of the grads that will move on to college. Keep in mind these will be our future leaders. If that does not scare you then you are a product of the Bush educational policies.


Note: since I wrote this they have changed the answers a bit. Apparently, someone tried to sell a kidney to go college. Now the “B” answer is sell ad space on his body. Again must they be reminded that the answer would be “D”? It is an ad for “said ” company for God’s sake.