Professor’s Poll Watch

Another Saturday nite and I ain’t got nobody……..sorry, Sam Cook came to mind.

In a Fox news poll, the question was, if there is another terrorist attack on the US, who would you want to be president?

50% said Rudy

36% said Hillary

Of course a poll taken by FOX you would think that the Repub would have the inside track.

REMINDER: 11% Approval for the Congress. Thinking…..thinking…..thinking…….But yet with the next election one of the two parties that are so disapproved will be elected to run the country. I would say that Einstein was right–Americans Are Insane!!!!

Have a weekend and may the bird of happiness crap on your car.

Political Quote Of The Week

Time for another bit of wisdom from people a lot smarter than the ones we must deal with now. This quote says it all for me.

A politician thinks of the next election – a statesman of the next generation.James Freeman Clarke

The US has not had a statesman in so long that it is ancient history. And in that lies the problems of the country. No one thinks beyond their next election.