Laws Of Political Action–Part 2

OOO! OOOO! I have had another epiphany! the 1st law of motion is: An object in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by a net force.(paraphrased)

Now let us apply that to , say a politician.

A politician electd stays elected, unless acted on by another force.

Another force can be defined as another politician or a scandal or lack of interest or……….you see where I am going with it. So from this time on I will use the 1st Law of Political Action.


Laws Of Political Action

I have thought about this for awhile and have seen that politics and physics have a lot in common. like the 3rd Law, which states, for every action there is an equal, but opposite reaction (paraphrased).

For example:

Iraq–invasion was to bring more stability to the nation and it reversed.

Congress–Dems get the call to end war–they are failing.

Just a couple to illustrate that there are similarities in the two, so from now on I will call it the 3rd Law of Political Action.

Keep an eye out for I will try and connect more laws of physics to politics–this could be interesting–I guess if you are a political junkie like me–what the hell–it is better than flies mate!


Professor’s Classroom

Another Monday and another shot in the dark.

Good morning class–please get out pencil and paper, and we will get this over with as quickly as possible.

What do these film stars have in common?

Groucho Marx, Jose Ferrer, Lucille Ball, Will Greer and Judy Holliday.

You may begin and just slip the answer on my desk, but DO NOT wake me up!