Weekly News UpDate

After the influx of caffeine and the lack of sleep brings me to the Professor’s fav thing to do on a Sunday–the UPDATE!


1–A teen in NJ has broken the IPhone code and unlocked it. hat should be worth a couple of bucks.

2–Britney accused of child abuse by ex–Lohan caught having sex in bathroom at rehab center. A horny and messed up bunch of f*ckers!

3–Another cop was killed while escorting the Pres limo–I think I would tell Bambi to hitch his way to wherever he was going.

4–Queen Of Mean, Hemsley, craps out and leaves dog $12 million. I got nothing!

5–Brazil will start covering sex change ops on their health system. (thinking…….)

6–V^T still in news–this time they were negligent in the deaths of students. what will the next chapter hold?

7–Chemical agents found at UN offices–they were from Iraq–SEE! They told us they were planning to attack the US. NOW!

8–A medicated mom lets 5 yr drive car. He probably was better than most in my area.

9–The recess game of TAG has been outlawed in Colorado–What is next–playing doctor?

Well sports fans that is it for this Sunday and I sincerely hope it has amused. See you next week–Until then–see ya in the funny papers!

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