CNN–all the news you can use. So goes the slogan of the network.

My analytical day is over! The major news story is prostitutes serving prostitutes. No sense in even trying to bring about so logic for today.

See you tomorrow–same Bat channel, same Bat time!


Daily Observ ation

Here are your important news stories of the morning.

Baldwin is still an ass!

Anna Nicole is still dead and everyone is looking for the key to the cash box.

Gere is still a pucker!

Bridge damaged in SF and will cause traffic delays. Since I do not live there, I could care less.

The cheesy story of the Washington Madame will not go away. Why?

Oh, yeah! There is still a fire in Ga.

These are the lead stories on CNN–you know the extension of th E! channel.

Apparently, US talking with Iran about Iraq is not news. Or the Israel theft of Pal land for a wall. Or a million protesters in Turkey. Or….shit I am tired…you figure it the F*CK out.


Zero Tolerance

A lovely sentiment. It has become an new “catch” word since the tragedy at Va. Tech. It seems some are calling for this concept to deal with the prob of guns. Well they used it to deal with drugs and that went really well, huh? (Sarcasm intended).

Zero Tolerance is a fascist word, I mean Hitler had a zero tolerance and we see where that went. The use of the term solves NO problems. It is a claim used by whoever, to indicate the formulation of a policy when in reality nothing is solved. Example? Try Drugs! It is a way to give lip sevice to a problem while ignoring it. It is a nonsolution to give the appearance that one is tough on the problem and will do something. All it does is allow the entity to give the impression that something is to be done; while it is ignored.

Anytime you hear the term “zero tolerance” just remeber it is a steaming pile of crap that is used to impress the mindless.