Environment Revisited

Recenly, the Japanese PM visited his old buddy, Bush and at a press conference Bush stated that the Us would pursue ethanol and Nuke energy, for they were emission friendly. How nice! Nukes! They can be emissions free but what to do with the by-product? Why do the people never mention what the by-product is capabale of and its half life and its storage?

Noticeably missing from his diatribe on the environment is the use of renewable resources like wind and solar. Why is that? Good question, Professor! The answer? (waiting…waiting….)

These resources are not a resource that can be exploited by big business No one would control the manufacturing or the distribution; in essence no one could make big profits by manipulation of the resource.

Now ask yourself, why have the congressmen/women not jumped onto this? They owe their political life to the ones who control the resources. All programs are minor programs and they want to stretch them for 10-20 yrs. Why is that?

If you have an answer–please go for it!