A New War Czar

Bush is looking for a new war czar, someone to take control of the daily operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. This person would report directly to Bush and be able to command different parts of the cabinet in the pursuit of the war.

So far he has had NO takers. Why is that? You would think that all the generals in waiting would jump on the opportunity–but no takers. One reason could be that when things finally go to the limit of crap, the czar would be the scapegoat and they probably see the in-fighting that would occur between the people with the czar stuck in the middle. The poor czar would be responsible for everything that would go wrong and be the buffer to take the heat off the pres.

Only an idiot would want this job. But I am sure he will find some ambitious a/hole to do it.

The preas may have to order someone to be his ass cover and you know what happens when a soldier disobeys an order. The generals who have turned him down are showing some backbone and are basically saying, you made the mistake–you take the responsibility!

Take a look at the drug czar, now that position has done what excatly? Has it helped win the war on drugs? ROFLMAO! So, what would be the advantage of having a war czar, I mean other than protecting the Pres ass? Not a damn thing–it will be as effective winning the war as the drug czar has been at eliminating the flow of drugs. A waste of time and money.