Why No Draft?

Things are not going well for the miliatry, what with Iraq and Afghanistan and any other conflict that Bush wishes to engage in . US Troops are being extended an extra 4 months, the National Guard units are being called and , the best one, is that troops with mental prblems are being sent back to the situation that caused their problems. Does any of this sound like a government that has things well in hand? Hell no!

A new type of draft has been suggested, but dismissed by the Bush Boyz. They say that there is no need that the US has the situation well in hand and the draft is not needed. OK, but az lot of people are not agreeing with the pres, many experts do not agree with the pres. If that is the case, Why no draft?

Anti-war is the answer! The movement is gaining momentum and that worries the pres and his handlers. He is desparate to have some success so that he can get out of his presidency with a minimum amount of damage. If a draft is ever reinstated for the US, the anit-war movemnent will be catapulted into mainstream, something Bush is deathly afraid of, for as it is now he can pretty lie his way out of just about anything, but that would change significantly if the draft is ever reinstated.

The US administration is tap dancing like a fool trying to find ways to avoid the reinstatement of the draft. The clock is ticking and Bush is running out of time for his lame policies that are a dismal failure.



What Did You Do In The War, Daddy?

Unless you have been in coma, you have heard about the capture of Brits and now their release. A happy ending.

A few points–their meeting with the press one Brit had to read his comments from a cue card, Why? It was only 13 day ordeal, and these guys and gal have to refresh their memories on what happened. Or another possibility is they are lying. A further plan to incite oiutrage over Iran’s actions and a justification.

Now, we say vids of them playing ping pong, eating, playing chess, yukking it up, not one looked as if they were being coerced. They ate not like a prisoner on limiter rations, but rather a casual meal. You would think that if things were not comfortable, they would try to send a message in the vid that would alert the world. I saw none!

Now the cash for story thing. I do ot know of any active military person that is allowed to cash in on experiences during active duty. This smells like a propaganda ploy. I will watch to see how similar the stories are; that will point to the truth.

IMO, what we have here is an attempt to continue building the case for action against Iran. It is coming, just a matter of time.



Update–The UK MofD has had second thoughts about allowing the troops to get cash for story. There has been a huge backlash.

A Daily Rant

Morning, sports fans!

Ok the question of the day is–how many, I am sorry, apologies to celebs have to make before the American people realize–“They do not mean it”?

these ass wipes are trying to save their collective asses by sayinf, “I’m sorry”. These people are the racists they say they are not. They think their sh*t does not stink and they can say whatever they like because they are famous. Well, NO!

Mel, meant it! Kramer meant it! Imus meant to say what he said! The crap about trying to be funny is a cop out. Why? It is 2007, and you do not realize that his statements were hurtful and mean? Then he has Alzheimer’s and needs to be put in a hoime. Or there is another possibility, IT IS HE’S A F*CKING RACIST! Time to flush that toilet and rid society of the turd!