I believe that we all should take a moment and praise CNN for breaking the world’s record for a news story.

They have been running the same story for almost 72 hours–Damn!

Does anyone realize that some far today 171 people died in Iraq? I did not think so.


Democrats and Their Accomplishments

Yeah, I was pumped after the last election. Well, not really, just thought it would be a good intro. After said election, things were gonna be different; the Dems would take up the fight for the people and be their voice in Washington. What are they whispering?

They came out with their 100 hour agenda and they pushed a bit through, they did do what they said. But now, after 100 days, what have they accomplished? What bills have been made into law?

All they have done is lip service, confrontation, photo-ops, yada yada. That said what have they really accomplished? They are an ambitious lot, but that is easy when you know that they DO NOT have the votes to do any of their so-called agenda.

Someone out there have an opinion? Let us hear it!

Reality most set in eventually, the Dems are NO better at keeping promises than the Repubs. If this is true, why do the American people continue with this charade? One word comes to mind–IGNORANCE.