Beautification Of Baghdad

First, let me say that today’s class will be a short one. Did I hear a heavy sigh of relief?

I have seen a report on TV that they are building a wall in sime neighborhoods in Baghdad. I question their logic, but they go up anyway. it appears that the Iraqi government has commissioned some artists to pain murals of the bare grey walls, to help make it look more like “playtime” instead of “wartime”.

The Iraqi government is also putting in small parks with plyground equipment and gardens. A little beauthy in the midst of all the ugliness? Their logic is if they can appeal to the children, they will influence the parents into going to the parks. What a marketing plan! I mean think about it! we cannot market vigs or beer to children, but yet the Iraqi govt is making appear all is safe and good. But what happens to them on the way to these “idyllic” little oasis in the war? I mean, you want to give them a false sense of security? People are dying everyday, every hour and yet you want Iraqis to venture out to make the govt look good. I want some of the “stuff” they are smoking!

IMO, let’s give the US media something positive to report, no matter how ridiculous it amy appear–It is a positive in the midst of all the negatives.