Daily Rant

I am listening to your President talk about the war on terror. What can I say? He is [playing is typical FEAR card about the terroristssssss (the emphasis is his) He talks about what a great country that troops would sign up to fight the bad guys. And $40,000 bonus or more has nothing to do with it? He did say that whatever happens in the ME could impact us here in this country. Damn this guy is just palin stupid! That is exactly why 9/11 happened! Our one sided policies created the hate we are now fearing so much. Where have yopu pricks been for the last 4 years? Under a rock? (Do not answer that question–it is obvious they have their collective heads up their collective asses)

It still amazes me that with all the crooked, underanded, bullshit that YOUR preident has come up with along with his group of boyz, and you still listen and believe anything coming from his mouth. It is a pathetic indictment of the American people. Several sayings come to mind, but the most appropriate is, “Americans get the government they deserve”.





Everyone, except a few paid opponents, see that the environment is in danger and that something must be done to preserve our way of life. Not bad! But the American people want the corporations to come up with the ideas for the survival of the planet. Laziness! It is everyone but their responsiblitiy to save the planet. They want alt energy so that they can continue their lifestyle. They do not want to be bothered with the problem. Unfortunately, dipsticks, YOU ARE the problem!

I mean they can come up with fuel additives and such, but if the American people continue down the path they are now on, they will be the reason that the planet craps out.

Just as in Iraq, no one wants to sacrifice. Nobody is willing to give up the inefficient vehicles or anything else that would effect them directly. They want the indirect method–let someone else find the problem and fix–they are just too busy being self-centered and lame. Americans give lip service to the problem of global warming, but that is about it. They say it is a problem that needs fixing, but they want someone elese to fix it.

I say make it hurt everyone, through taxes and such; once everyone begins to feel the pressure you can bet that something will get done. Make ALL pay, indivuals, corporations, etc. Higher axes on gas guzzlers, boats, emmissions of all types. This will ensure the American people will demand that a solution be found.

If everyone cannot get on board with helping save the planet, then I suggest you just sit back and observe the planet slowly expiring. God forbid that any of the people should have to sacrifice one iota to help the world.

The planet is dying, sports fans and YOU have a hand in the demise. Are you proud of yourself now?