A Hypocritical Statement

Has everyone seen or heard Bush’s latest statement? You know the one where he called Iran’s taking of the Brits as “inexcuseable behavior”?

Come on he lied to the American people and has caused the deaths of 3200+ citizens and Iran is “inexcuseable”? This guy is either dumber than turnip or he is more ballsy than Spuds MacKenzie. What is the old saying, “the pot calling the kettle black”?

US politics is such an amusing game with amusing players. Does he not realize that he is being hypocritical?


Taking It To The Streets

Hopefully, all you have been paying attention at the circumstances talking place within the US. The anti-war movement is gaining momentum. What started with a distraught mother sitting outside Bush’s ranch is now taking a page from the 60’s and 70’s; they are taking it to the streets.

Across the US from NYC to San Francisco, protests were recently held and a powerful message is beginning to take shape. From all sections of the political spectrum being represented, from middle of the road organizations to the far left, all are concerned with the actions of this president. Most are deeply concerned with the amount of American troop loses and the rise in injuries. Even active duty soldiers are becoming involved with the fight against this war.

The movement is growing rapidly and organizationally. More protests, more “taking it to the streets” will be in the plans. As a matter of fact, May 1st will be the next big protest.

The troops need to show their support by going to anti-war sites and giving them their support. The more pressure put onto the government the more likely an end to the maddness will be found.

Do not be fooled by the political games played in washington. These indiviuals are gamers from the start; it is all about preception, not about reality. The Congress needs to be constantly reminded who has the power. If we allow them to work unchecked, we have such occurances as the war in Iraq, an obscenity of the highest magnitude.

I say to the American troops, “We are working hard to end this nightmare and that you should do your part and add your voice to the protests. You are the ones tasked with carry out the obscenities of the Bush administration and you can help end it, once and for all.”

Do not be fooled, my fellow vets, I was a voice in the end of my war, Vietnam, and I feel it was my patriotic duty to do my part to end the obscenity of war. Do not let anyone tell you that your stance against war is unpatriotic, that is a LIE>

So I say to all, Vote in the streets! Take It To The Streets! you have the power–USE IT!