Voter Beware


I have given voting a lot of thought lately and my views have not changed over the years. I wanted to reassess my stand to see if that maybe something positive had happened and that I might be mistakened. I am Not!

With the general election approaching, ever so slowly, you would not realize it by the tap dancing candidates are doing. You would swear, if you just woke up that it was 2008 and the first of the primaries are long days away. Unfortunately, for your sensibilties it is a year away.

For decades we have been told that if you do not vote, then you have nothing to bitch about. Or that it is your civic duty to vote. We have been taught from the very first Civics class that it is all important to participate in the system. Do you agree? What has your paricipation accomplished? Do you truly feel that you are part of the system? Do you feel that you have gotten your money’s worth out of the slugs you have help put into office?

People need to ask themselves these questions, but only if they are willing to take a hard look at their own participation. If you vote, what do you vote for? The Party? Or possibly the person? How many really give two shakes in hell about the issues?

Alrighty then, with all that said let us take a look at the institution called voting.

Voting is a strong ideological tool. Having a majority of the adults vote in any given election is giving a legitimacy to the system that supposedly derives its power from those very people. The problem is that the people are not being represented, they are justifying the ruling elites who reinforce their legitimacy by claiming to be held to the highest standards. Basically, what most of these slimes are saying is that they through their representation are contributing to the material well being of the people. And for most Americans that is all they are looking for, is their material well being. That is one of the major contributors that lead to the War On Terror.

The candidates that the American people are given as their future leaders are all popped from the same mold. Makes no difference on party affiliation; they are wealthy, self-serving and manical. And these are the people that we have to choose from at election time.

So you want proof? Look at the present administration; it is arrogant, self-serving and above all unconcerned with the will of the people. But yet it was returned for a second tour in power. Why? It played heavily on the fears of the people, which in turn, proved to be the best emotional issue to secure leadership through the mandate called votes.

The ordeal of voting is an illusion created by those in power, that tghere is actually a struggle for the positions in which the people decide the outcome. The only thing the American voter decides is which wealthy elitist will lead them. The entire system is programed so that only the wealthy elite can enter into the system and have the chance of leadership. It is acceptable because the voter, from childhood, has been lead to believe that is the way it must be. By the way, politics in the US is a monopoly, that only the wealthy can play.

Remember, voting does not determine policy, it only legitimizes those who actually control the state apparatus.

Voting is an illusion of popular rule, by the people, which is legitimized by popular elections. In other words, it is a scam, that the American people participate in freely and it is so well entrenched that they assume they have the power. They do not! All you need to do is just look at the last 20 yrs of politics–where were they ever in control?



A Good Question

If you go to Google Maps and type in New Orleans you get the image before Katrina. Why? I mean the lower 9th Ward is in tact, sorry guys but that is not the truth. Is this ploy to give the impression that the recovery is going well? Google says that it is the only image they have of the area–WRONG! It was showing a more accurate image awhile back. Why are they now showing a LIE?

Oh, my bad! I forgot–Who cares? I mean there are tornadoes in mid-America that are far more destructive than Katrina–if you believe that–YOU ARE AN IDIOT!

I mean the tornado takes out an area the size of 2 football fields, and Katrina effect at least 5 states, but that is somehow not that relevant today, is it? So to those that seem to want to forget Katrina–I have but one statement for you and please understand that I sincerely mean this–BITE ME!


What Is This?

The State Department made its appeal before Syria’s April parliamentary election, urging Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government to show greater respect for political freedoms.

“We deplore arbitrary arrest and detention of political prisoners by the Syrian government,” the State Department said in a statement, saying it was particularly concerned about activists Anwar al-Bunni and Kamal al-Labwani.

WTF? Gitmo is full of these types. And did not read somewhere that the CIA used Syria to interrogate prisoners? Is it just me or is this typical hypocritical BS?


Observations Of The Day

Just a few of the more interesting things that occur.

Carl Rove–what can I say? DAMN! white boy needs to leave HipHop to the pros.

While speaking to union workers, Hilary said she wants to make the US “bold again”. ………..(thinking)……..What the hell is she talking about? Slogans–nothing but slogans–when will the people demand action instead of half ass slogans? Probably never, they are that fucking lazy!

OOPS! Guiliani may be in deep do-do! Of yeah, I heard his first wife was also his cousin–he should fair well in the South.

Iran seems to be calling the UK’s bluff. Tough talk by Blair has resulted in the release of the female captive to be cancelled. What to do?

US has said it is not occupying Iraq–what would we call it then?

New US ambassador sworn in at Baghdad ceremony–name–Ryan Crocker and he speaks fluent Arabic. Would anyone like to bet on which oil company he has ties to?


Very Fortunate Occurrance

I am sure that everyone by now has heard all the fecal matter surrounding the fired attorneys. If not, may I suggest you put down the vid control and watch the news or better read a paper.

I think it is very fortunate for all concerned that this story broke, for in doing so it made the veterans abuse story a back page affair. This I do not understand, we are talking about the lives of 8 or so lawyers, who wioll have no problem feeding themselves. And yet disabled veterans are being treated like crap and unfortunately no one cares if it is not on the front page.

Who is being held accountable? Who is changing things? What are the chances these vets will get the help they need? These are the stories that need to be reported, not some poor lwayers who lost their jobs.


Quote Of The Day

This is a quote by House leader Pelosi. THe pres has said he will veto any Iraqi war thing coming from the Congress.

Pelosi–“(the President) gets no more blank checks for the war. The pres will get every dollar and more that he asks for, but with accountability.”

What does that mean? I realize there is a political tactic called “doublespeak” but what did she say? My question now, why waste time on a non-binding resolution? If no one can can be held to it, why waste the time? Basically, it is just a political thing so they have a little ammo during the campaign. All the while, the Congress and the Pres play games, troops are dying.

If you are against the war, all the people, then FORCE them to stop. Take it to the streets–vote in the streets. If not, then sit on your hands and watch the fatalities grow, or wrap your worthless ass in the flag and watch the injuries mount.


Iraqi Oil UpDate

These are a few articles I found on the oil law being considered by the Iraqi government

These are good sources of info regarding the new oil law. Read them and weep.