A Sunday Rant

Ok we have accidents that kill one person, we have tornadoes that kill 3 people, we have a house fire no deaths–is this not something for local news? Why is this on national? National news is just that–stuff that effects us –nationally. I say leave it to the local people that is what they get paid to do and the national press stick to national and international news.

If they cannot do that then start reporting the individual deaths of injured vets and troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Good lord, the national media has turned 2, count them, 2, border agents into some kinkd of cult thing. And we seem to worry about 8 lawyers who lost their jobs–boo-hoo–they are lawyers!–they will find a way to make enough money to support themselves in the lifestyle they have become accustomed.

What about the many, many vets that are being crapped on daily? They need a champion! Someone in the media please do the right thing and help these people–they are suffering and they need our support.

I have no time to worry about 8 bottom feeders who lost their jobs–who cares about the unemployed American workers–BTW, there are more than 8 I have no time for self-serving dicks like Lou Dobbs–I suggest if he wants to gain respect then pick something that effects more than 2 people. Oh it is the principle of the thing–SCREW THE PRINCIPLE!

There are Americans suffering mental and physical pain because of the country’s desire to be, well whatever it is it desires–it is time for someone to be held accountable for these people and the anguish the country is putting them through. So a couple of agents went to jail–how many are in jail because of BS?

The country asked these people to do their duty–most did their exceptionally–the country and the admin used these people up, then it abandons them. This is not something new, the country been doing this for 30 years or more–time to stand up for the people you have used and to see that they get ALL the help they need and definately deserve.