Law And Order Candidate

Here we go–the actor of the small screen as well as the large screen, is forming an exploratory committee to see what his chances are of gaining the Repub nomination. I speak of one, Fred Thompson. Is that a drum roll? I guess some neocons will be a bit pleased, since a lot of people say he is the incarnate of Reagan and all the Repubs have mentioned his name over and over and…… So maybe this is the answer to the “Reagan” vacuum.

But wait! There is another! Newt, Da Man, Gingrich, may announce something this fall. we can only hold our breath. (he said sarcastically)

Thompson is running third in some polls and he has not announced he is running. That is kinda sad. But the Repubs are desperately looking for something to give them a hand up. Their parties leader, Bush, is not much help.

Do not know about you, but I am enjoying the scrambling

Cedars Of Lebanon Are On Fire

(sniff, sniff) Something Is Burning!

I may be the only one who actually gives a sh*t about what happens in Lebanon, but I will continue anyway.

If there is an overabundance of dandilions–Syria did it! Or if a politician gets a bad case of piles–Syria did it! Syria gets blame for everything that goes astray in Lebanon. The newest “Syria Did It” is the probs in the Pals refugee camp north of Tripoli.

Ok let us look at the organization–Fatah al-Islam. It is not part of the al-Qaeda organizational network. It is however using the connection for reasons of PR and recruitment. The leader of the group, Shaker al-Abssi is a felon in several countries, including Syria. He was in prison for plotting against the Syrian government, when he was released he fled to Lebanon and currently wanted on further charges in Syria. He is also convicted in absentia in Jordan to death for his part in the killing of American Lawerence Foley.

The Syrians have rejected this organization and has stated that it does not represent the feelings of the Palestinian people. They, as well as Jordan, are working through Interpol to try and apprehend the convicted felon.

There are indications, acoording to Seymour Hersch, that the US had help equip some Sunni groups in Lebanon to aid in the isolation of the Shi’a Hezbollah.

If this is true, then it is another “blowback” in their policies that the Bush administration did not count on. Does anyone in Washington learn fro past mistakes? (that is a rhetorical question)



Personal Thought

For some weeks now we have been watching the plight of the 2 whales up a river in California. They caught the attention of many Americans and these people were worried about their welfare. They did make too much headway going back to sea until they were given antibiotics for their wounds received from boat props. After a couple of days they started back down the river to the ocean and have seemed to have made it, for they have disappeared. All in all good news. Right?

I know I have been called doom and gloom by some, but I need to ask the question. Did we do them any favors by helping them back to the ocean? I know, I know, you asking yourself, “what is this fool talking about”? Ok, let say they made it to the Pacific and they go to their feeding grounds and rebuild their strength, which would be a wonderful thing. But, consider this–did we really help them? I mean we saved them from dying in the Sacramento river, only to send them back to sea to possibly face Japanese harpoons.

Soo, I ask did we really do them a favor?

Just a thought.

Remember, Remember

Remember Darfur?

You remember Darfur, right? It is that region in Sudan where militias are raping and killing locals. These militias are said to be under governmental orders to carry out acts of violence against the locals. Does any of this ring a bell?

Everybody in Hollywood and points East have jumped onto the bandwagon to help the people of the region with humanitarian aid, education of the world to their plight and to try and exert some pressure on the government of Sudan. Actors, some politicians, NBA stars, a lot of Americans are trying to help the best way they can–that is by bringing the plight of the people of Darfur to the media. So far the news is getting out, but getting out slowly, unfortunately.

Guess what! Today, 29/05/07, the President of the United States of America had a news conference, and no a bird did not crap on him, this time, he announced the US would impose sanctions on the government of Sudan, in an effort to get the Darfur situation settled.

A statement made by the Prews during his news conference. “I promise this to the people of Darfur,” Bush said at the White House. “The United States will not avert our eyes from a crisis that challenges the conscience of the world.”

Here is the gist of what the Pres is calling for:

With international diplomatic efforts to halt atrocities in Darfur at a standstill, the President announced three measures intended to change the calculations of the regime in Khartoum and intransigent rebel leaders. First, the U.S. will add 31 Sudanese companies to a list of 130 that are already denied access to the U.S. financial system. Second, the U.S. will freeze the assets of three of the many individuals responsible for the violence in Darfur. And finally, it will “seek” a resolution at the United Nations Security Council to impose targeted sanctions on individuals and expand an ineffective arms embargo that has been violated with impunity.

Comments from

Three people? After four years? And not one of them the real ringleader of the policy to divide and destroy Darfur? And once again the U.S. is going alone? This is not leadership. This will not create missing leverage. This will not build multilateral pressure. And this will not end the crisis in Darfur.

What small steps that have been announced are largely due to tireless activism from concerned citizens, persistent efforts by members of Congress from both sides of the aisle pressuring the White House, and the president’s own demands for tougher policy options. However, the current Plan B is too unilateral in nature and much too weak to have an impact on the calculations of either Sudanese officials or intransigent rebel leaders.

Ok, why did the pres really hold a news conference on Sudan? WAKE UP! Smell the coffee! Elections! He is trying to take a weapon away from the Dems. Bush can be criticsed but he can say at least it is a start. Meanwhile, the people of Darfur will continue to suffer and die!




AFRICOM? What the hell are you talking about, Professor? It is the new US military command for Africa. In February, Bush announced the formation of AFRICOM. Why? Well, think about it, the US does not have a substantial presence in Africa. It does everywhere else in the world and that cannot be. Apparently, the US has got to have a military presence around the world and Africa did not have one, so here you go.

Oh yeah, it is not about oil! But 12% of Nigerian oil will go to the US and in as little as 8 years it will most likely be 25%, but it is not about oil. But wait! China now has a massive investment program going on in Africa. We cannot like those “godless” commies get the upper hand on the continent. It is not about oil! Even though 8 countries in Africa produce crude, to include Sudan, Gabon,Chad, etc. But it is not about OIL!

Recently, on the Horn of Africa, there was a situation that needed the assistance of the US, I believe it was Somalia. Anyway it was learned that there was not a coordinating agency for the US to handle any deployment of military force, I mean assistance.

Of course, the US has said that they do not want a military build-up in the continent, but the fact that it will have a “command” unit on the continent will be just as inflammatory as troops. And as so will further radicalize the continent and the possibility of another “Iraq” will be a very good possibility.

Another excellent plan, another excellent cog in the Bush foreign policy machine.


Anything New?

Is There Anything New?

This a quote from the “Independent”.

The US Army tried to kill or capture Muqtada al-Sadr, the widely revered Shia cleric, after luring him to peace negotiations at a house in the holy city of Najaf, which it then attacked, according to a senior Iraqi government official.

This is from the Washington Post,

The comeback of the Iraq Study Group’s suggestions underscores the intense desire by some in Washington to fashion a workable long-term policy on Iraq. The months since the commission issued its report have seen increased polarization, with Democrats mostly united in their desire to end American involvement in the war and President Bush struggling to buy time for additional troops to pacify Baghdad.

THe Bush Admin seems to want to try failed tactics in Iraq. They are trying to wall off the bad guys to help security. China tried it–It failed. The US brought in basically foreigners to run the country. The Brits tried it –It failed! These guys just keep rewaching into a bag of failed policies and try them again. The Sadr thing about invite to talk then kill, was used by the US Army against the Apache. They called for peace talks with Mangas Colorado and when he shpowed up he was killed. It failed! The Apache problem continued for another 30 yrs or so.

Now after about 6 months the admin will take another look at the Iraq Study Group Repoprt. Better late than never, I guess. Why is it revelent now and not 6 months ago? What part of it is attractive? Or are they grasping at straws? Trying desparately to find something that will give them some good news and work?

The Bush Administration is a absolutely failure in foreign policy and grasping at failed tactics from the past will not help the situation at all.



The Democrats–Yet Again!

The Democrats

With the recent election the Dems were swept into office by their anti-war stances. Now where has that gone? No where! The Dems wanted to show that they were not wimps and could take control. What a snooze!

Newsflash–the dems are still wimps. They entered office with gran plan whic slowly gave way to their wimp-itude. They caved on Iraq, the one subject they should have help tough on. They compromised with the pres and in doing such wimped out–AGAIN! They were headed for a holiday break and did not want to let the pres have ammo in his attacks, well by caving, you morons, you have empowered the lunacy of the war.

Here on my blog on 12/06, I said that the victory of the dems would be NO victory for the people. I said nothing would change. So far I am batting a thousand. Ok let us look at the vote of Hillary and Obama–political at best. They waited until the late hour for the vote and saw that their vote would not make a difference and they voted NO! this will make the anti-war people happy, but what did it do for the troops dying in Iraq?

Another sign of democratic wimp-itude. Ji,mmy Carter, a man that I respect and for the most part pretty intellectual. But his recent statement about the Bush policies were the worst ever. (a paraphrase). A lot of lipservice was given about the statement and then Jimmy gets on air and does everything to apologize except saying “I am sorry”. Wimping out!

Personally, I think he should have looked into the camera and said, “I said it! I meant it! Now, BITE ME!”

Whoever wins the ’08 election will be a sad representative of the will of the people, that is in the belief that you actually feel that they care about your will. Until the dems grow a spine, they will continuously be preceived as being WIMPS! As they should!



Professor’s Classroom

OSIM! And time for the lesson. Morning class!

This subject has been in the news now for years, the ping-pong match has gone to and fro. But where did it start?

When was the first anti-gay legislation enacted in America? Give me when, where, why and what.

I realize that is not much to go on, but any other info and google would make it too damn simple and easy.

You may begin.

Weekly News Roundup

Here goes all the news that was ……..for the week.

Carter critizes Bush and he in turn is critised–He waffled!

Cutty Sark burns in the UK..the ship not the scotch!

Russian spy charged with death of Russian spy–that sounds confusing!

Dems bowed low to kiss the Pres’ ass on the Iraq Bill–predicted!

Rosie and Hasselbeck have cat fight on the View–would have been more interesting if they had pulled hair and ripped off clothing, but I will take what comes. DAMMIT!

Gonzo is still in Washington. Does this guy wear padded knee pads?

Gen. in Iraq says he does not know why the increase in violence. Is he in Iraq? Or is he in Peoria doing a waitress?

Well there was some good news coming out of Washington–A bird crapped on the Pres during a news conference–poor man cannot catch a break. LOL

Oh yeah! There is more good news–American Idol is done for the season–now maybe the people will pull their collective heads from their asses and learn something. NOT!

If I missed anything, please feel free to include it in the comments.

I am CHUQ and I have no idea who approve this f*cking message!


The Democrats–Again!

Is when I thought it was safe to go about enjoying my day, I find this statement by Pelosi:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) and other Democratic leaders Friday strongly defended their handling of the Iraq funding dispute with President Bush, saying the legislation will result in a “new direction” for the war despite the fact that it includes no withdrawal timeline or any other binding restrictions on Bush’s conduct of the war.

Dammit! The Dems are playing the slogan game. Bush had “Stay the course” and the ever popular “way forward”. Just when I thought it was slowing down, the Dems do it. “new direction”. All I can say is …. please!

Can anyone say….WIMP!