Americans And Death

This is a follow-up to my post about the Tech shootings.

Americans seem to have this bizarre need to know why death. Like the VA Tech deaths, they want to know every aspect of the story. Why? But yet something like nthe wars overseas and they accept whatever reason some feeble-minded politician gives them. Why? Why do they want to know why one person did this act, but not why the government would do it?

I guess it is easier for them to imagine one person being sick enough to kill people, but not their government. I have a had time with the mental process of the American people; they are so illogical in their thinking.

I am sure there is a sociologist somewhere that can answer my questions, but will I agree?


Virginia Tech Shootings

Now, hopefully, everyone is aware of the tragedy on the campus of VA tech, if not, please do me a favor and stay away from my Blog. The Media has found a easy story that they can analyze to death. For them it is easier than finding some other subject to cover. Why? A built in story that takes NO imagination to report.

Please do not misunderstand me, this is a tragedy and unacceptable behavior by a demented individual.

The media is analyzing this from every angle and I would suspect that the perpetrator’s penis was small and his feeling of inadequancy drove him to his acts. Not funny? I agree, but just watch the news and see the utter scrambling by the media to find a hook for the next “live” report.

I will do my best to explain things for those who think more slowly than others.

How could this happen?

A guy with guns shot people! That pretty much sums it up.

Why did he do it?

He was a demented individual that had access to guns and he used them.

What is the reaction?

Students are traumatized–students are dead–students are wounded–shooter is dead–law enforcement is scratching their heads in amazement. Anything else?

What are the implications?

American society needs help–lots of help! Media, with its never ending coverage, will assist any other demented a/hole, contemplated such an action, to decide to play this deadly game. This occurance, someone shooting someone, is a daily thing — and for that reason, it is a cultural thing.

Let’s see 50+ students injured or dead; the worst school shooting on record. What else do you need to know? How many died in Iraq and Afghanistan, yesterday? My point is–the students were not the only deaths yesterday. Move on and let the campus try to heal itself. The more coverage you give this, the more copycats will appear. If the thinking is cover this so that it willnever happen again–then you a/holes are dreaming!

The stupidity of the interviews–a woman says, “I heard shots”, a guy says, “he starting shooting” another student says he was shooting; ok you ass wipes, I got it the guy had guns and was shooting. How many times must we be told that fact. Let me see now, students are dead from gunshot wounds, right? I think that I have enough intelligence to figure out how they got that way. And it is also obvious to me that if you heard shots; someone has a gun. Please!

Why does the news media seem to think that they have to get us every angle? I say report on the act and then any new developements and give it a F*CKING rest. Apparently, most of the viewing public has IQ and shoe size about the same.