Hold The Press!!!!

BTW, 312 died and 302 injured in Iraq on wednesday–Just in case you would like to know.

Well, happy days, CNN is still analyzing the Tech thing–after 4 days what could possibly be said that has not been said , oh, rough guest, 100 times? Everyone is soooooooo concerned about the mental well-being of the students, but you make them relive the situation over and over and over and……

I think that CNN should rethink their slogan of “all the news you can use” or whatever their marketing dept has come up with. As much as I dislike FOX, at least they started reporting the rest of the world news–so to them I say thanks!

My analysis–Some Korean guy got a couple of guns, he was pissed he starting shooting, people died and were injured, he was a sick-o, the student body is freakin’ the police are embarassed–did I leave anything out? If I did it was not important.

I have said enough and so has all the outlets that call themselves a news outlet. Get over it! It will happen again! Just to let you know, the news media is helping embolden the next sick-o.