Daily Rant

Just like Va. Tech, everyone has heard Alec Baldwin and his message to his daughter. Why is this news? What he said was outrageous, but NONE of my business. it is not something I need to know–no one needs to know this sh*t. All you parents out there–tell me you have never said anything to your child that you wished you could take back. You haven’t? You are a f*cking lair!

Gates said that we are not going train Iraqis anymore, a story that could effect American troops negatively , but the news media thought Baldwin’s outburst was more inmportant than that.

When will you microcephalics demand an end to the fluff and demand to know what is happening in the world, other than your g*dd*mn celebrities? If every one of the “stars” dropped dead, the world would continue and probably be a better place.

I’ll holler!


Where Have All The Bees Gone?

I would like to talk to the class today about the environment. Iknow, I know, you have heard all the arguments about warming and yada yada. I want to talk about honey bees. For you city dwellers that is those little orange and black flying insects that irritate you on a picnic.

Recently a report was issued that said whole hives across the US were dying leaving few alive. Why? here is where it gets good–warming has been blamed, pesticide and now, the best cel phones. The EM pulse emitted by cel phones supposedly interfers with their systems. Personally, I do not give a SH*T which theory you may want to believe. The simple fact is they are disappearing. Why would you care? IMO, the honey bee is one of the most important speicies on the planet. Without the bees there will be few crops, without crops there will be hunger, with hunger there will be deaths. So you see bees are VERY important to mankind.

As one who grows some of his own food, this year there have been few bees, not a good sign.

As I have said, you may choose to belief whatever theory or conspiracy you choose, but it will make no difference for without the bees mankind will suffer and die.

Once it becomes an epedemic and you seat quietly and listen–you will hear Mother Nature saying–“CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW”?