A Desparate Plead!!!!

Would someone, somewherre please do something, so we can be saved from the endless coverage of the Tech shootings! I mean, for Christ’s sake, move the f*ck on!

I am sorry but by this time, it is something those involved in should be handling on their own without a bunch of dick wads with mikes running around trying to find something new to report and when they cannot do that they keep reminding everone of the horror.

CNN, especially, give it a f*cking rest–you dipshits are not helping and are definitely not reporting! Even the National Enquirer is showing better taste and judgement than an organization that prides itself on its “news” coverage. I suggest that if they continue being a “rag” then find a new marketing slogan.

I mean–come on guys–how long are you gonna f*ck this dead donkey?