Good News

How do I start with the good news? Anna Nicole Smith is still dead! She has been buried! And now we know who the kid’s daddy is–Please move the F*CK on.

People across the world are dying–from war, from starvation, from disease and the American people are worried about who the kid’s F*CKIN’ father is. How pathetic! Put this crap on E! but please remocve it from a news outlet–it is fluff not news!

I am pretty much over US news media, they are nothing but gossip columnists, not news journalists.

The big news of the day is who da baby’s daddy, and yet North Korea will shut down nuke program as soon as their money is unfroze. Now where should the emphasis be here? Something that could effect the entire world or that which effects a couple of a/holes? I guess I just cannot understand the fascination with bullshit.

Can the American people become any more shallow than they are now?



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