Why No Draft?

Things are not going well for the miliatry, what with Iraq and Afghanistan and any other conflict that Bush wishes to engage in . US Troops are being extended an extra 4 months, the National Guard units are being called and , the best one, is that troops with mental prblems are being sent back to the situation that caused their problems. Does any of this sound like a government that has things well in hand? Hell no!

A new type of draft has been suggested, but dismissed by the Bush Boyz. They say that there is no need that the US has the situation well in hand and the draft is not needed. OK, but az lot of people are not agreeing with the pres, many experts do not agree with the pres. If that is the case, Why no draft?

Anti-war is the answer! The movement is gaining momentum and that worries the pres and his handlers. He is desparate to have some success so that he can get out of his presidency with a minimum amount of damage. If a draft is ever reinstated for the US, the anit-war movemnent will be catapulted into mainstream, something Bush is deathly afraid of, for as it is now he can pretty lie his way out of just about anything, but that would change significantly if the draft is ever reinstated.

The US administration is tap dancing like a fool trying to find ways to avoid the reinstatement of the draft. The clock is ticking and Bush is running out of time for his lame policies that are a dismal failure.



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