CPAC 2021–All Hope Is Gone

And now the humor for this Saturday.

Day One

CPAC?  That use to stand for Conservative Political Action Conference…..and now it basically means the Cruel and Paranoid Americans Coalition.

But first a little history on CPAC…..

True conservatives are missing from the line-up.

Ever since Biden was elected president the politicians have been saying that it was time to heal from the deep political divisions during the Trump years.

I have given my thoughts on this call for unity…..

A truly silly wish.

Looks like Trump will make a speech and it will be that he is in control…..

Former President Donald Trump is getting ready to make headlines with his first speech since leaving office last month.

Trump is planning to brand himself as the “presumptive 2024 nominee” during his speech at CPAC, Axios reported Monday.

While it is well known that Trump remains a dominant force in the Republican Party, this would be the first public indication from him that he wants to run for a second non-consecutive term.

Report: Trump Will Use CPAC Speech to Begin 2024 Run

But that analysis is for his speech….now to day one of the meeting….

The line-up for Friday was a love fest from Trump toadies….

Florida governor Ron DeSantis

Senator Mike Lee

Former governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker

Senator James Lankford

Former Florida attorney general Pam Bondi

Senator Ted Cruz

Rep. Mo Brooks

Rep. Madison Cawthorn

Senator Tom Cotton

Sen. Marsha Blackburn

Rep. Matt Gaetz

Sen. Rick Scott

Sen. Josh Hawley

Donald Trump Jr.

Here is FOX News take on the speakers.

During the first full day of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), speakers hit cancel culture, China, Big Tech and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

But one thing pervaded it all — fealty to former President Trump.

Here are some of Friday’s biggest moments:

These types of gatherings usually look to the future and plan for it….but this time the conservs will embrace the past and the disastrous policies they held….and a continuation of revisionist bullshit.

I have never seen a bunch of clowns shoveling manure so liberally.

Here is fact check…..

The biggest pile of crap closed up the day of revisionism….

All in all the day was Trump….the days of looking to the future is gone for the GOP….all they have is lies and BS.

On to Day Two…..

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8 thoughts on “CPAC 2021–All Hope Is Gone

  1. Of course we should say that they have been increasingly Ableist, Homophobic, and even sometimes Racist and Anti-Semitic. They have committed Suicide. Now can we like Al Sharpton said as believers in true Progressivism “slap that Donkey’ into gear?

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