Changes Coming To Twitter

I admit it….the only social media I use is Twitter….mostly as a news feed…..

The news is that changes are coming to Twitter…..

They’ve worked well for Facebook, so Twitter is going to add groups to its platform—though they’ll be called “communities.” That’s one of the major changes announced Thursday, the Verge reports. The other big one is called Super Follows, which will permit users to steer their followers to content and charge them for the privilege. The content could include additional tweets, newsletters, support badges, and access to one of the new communities. In Twitter’s example, the users charge $4.99 per month for the benefits, enabling them to collect directly from their followers. The changes were unveiled during Analyst Day, per CNBC, and the idea is that they’ll help the company reach its 2023 goals for users and revenue.

Many of the changes aren’t new, but they’re new to Twitter. Users will be able to start and join communities built around common interests. The examples Twitter gives are cats and plants, so users in a cat community would see even more cat content. Users who run communities would be allowed to set their own rules for members, beyond those set by Twitter. Details were sketchy, but Twitter also said it’s looking into allowing followers to tip certain accounts. The company thinks “an audience-funded model where subscribers can directly fund the content that they value most is a durable incentive model that aligns the interests of creators and consumers,” its head of design and research said. Super Follows is supposed to launch before the end of the year.

Nothing will change for me.

When I heard changes were coming I thought they decide to charge people for being members….that would kill it for me.

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10 thoughts on “Changes Coming To Twitter

  1. I have seen a growing campaign run by some Twitter users who are all stating that they will never pay for content. That includes me. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. communities or groups will not change things much – since people who choose to follow others usually chose to follow people they like or agree with: the balkanization of the web is somewhat inevitable, when people are mostly interested in opinions or political positions-ideologies.

  3. Well, I was only using Twit as a repeater, for the most part, so I guess it won’t change my usage.
    Very sad to see that further siloing is being encouraged, rather than view sharing, but I suppose that even LinkedIn does that, though I also mainly use LI as a repeater, too, these days.
    Is there no mechanism to actually help people see across the spectrum of ideas and meet others who do not share their received ideas?
    Didn’t the military or civilian service perform that task somewhere?

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