Closing thought–24Feb21

Warning:  This post may be offensive to some because of the language I use.

By now everyone that has access to the news knows that Tiger Woods has had another car accident.

But if you were otherwise diverted….

Tiger Woods had to be “extricated from the wreck” with the “jaws of life” after a serious car crash in California Tuesday, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office says. The injured golfer was hospitalized after the “single-vehicle rollover collision” on the border of Rolling Hills Estates and Rancho Palos Verdes around 7am local time, the sheriff’s office tweeted. The 45-year-old’s agent tells TMZ that Woods sustained multiple leg injuries and is in surgery. Police say Woods was the only person in the SUV, CNBC reports.

Jesus Christ!

How much mundane bullshit must we endure?

The news this morning was all about Woods for the first 20 minutes I was subjected to information that I care nothing about.

I am sorry that he was in an accident and was badly injured and I hope he can recover….but that is all that concerns me about his situation.

I heard one reporter refer to Woods as an “American hero”…..just what has he done to be labeled as such?

Because he got millions of idiots to spend thousands of dollars on equipment so they can go for a walk…just what about his life makes him a ‘hero’?

The foundations of this country are being tested and challenged and yet the top story is some mindless bullshit about a car wreck.

I refuse to live my life idolizing some random athlete….there are more important situations that need our attention….and yet here we are….worshiping the ground some millionaire athlete treads upon.

I refuse to sink to this level of mindless personality worship.

Again if I offended anyone….all I can say is that you were warned.

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Tanden In Trouble

Biden’s pick to lead the Office of Budget and Management, Neera Tanden, is in trouble… seems that she had a few mean spirited Tweets that the GOP and couple of GOP wannabes in the Dem side did not appreciate…..but what did she write?

Glad you asked.

In November, GOP Sen. John Cornyn said there was “zero chance” that Neera Tanden, President Biden’s nominee for director of the Office of Management and Budget, would be confirmed. He may have been right. Moderate Republican Sens. Susan Collins and Mitt Romney said Monday that they would oppose Tanden, Politico reports. Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin said Friday that he will vote against her confirmation, meaning the nomination will fail if she can’t get at least one Republican vote. All three senators cited Tanden’s history of mean tweets, one of which described Collins as “the worst,” reports the Guardian.

Manchin said he believed Tanden’s “overtly partisan statements will have a toxic and detrimental impact on the important working relationship” between Congress and the office, which has a major role in overseeing agency budgets. Collins said Tanden’s decision to delete more than 1,000 tweets after the election “raises concerns about her commitment to transparency,” while a Romney spokesperson said it would be “hard to return to comity and respect with a nominee who has issued a thousand mean tweets.” Tanden is now likely to be the first Biden nominee to fail, though the White House is standing by her. “Looking ahead to the committee votes this week and continuing to work toward her confirmation,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki tweeted Monday.


After four years of constant mean Tweets by a president and this is what they want to use to disqualify her from the post?  And yet they championed many of the mean Tweets by Donald the Orange.


There is so much more that should disqualify her….

Tanden positions: – Cut SS, Medicare & Medicaid – Deny Palestinian human rights – Opposes $15/hr min. wage – Supports wars to steal resources from developing nations

I believe that those would disqualify her….but I am not a partisan hack… real life means more than some silly social media BS.

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Insurrection Hearing

Day One

We all have our opinions on what happened on 06 January 2021 with the breach of the police line around the Capitol and protesters entered into the building and began their hours of terror.

Senators on Tuesday began trying to unravel why Capitol rioters were able to advance as far as they did on Jan. 6. On the hot seat for testimony: Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund, former House sergeant-at-arms Paul Irving, former Senate sergeant-at-arms Michael Stenger, and acting DC Police Chief Robert Contee. The first three resigned under pressure after the riot. Some highlights:

  • FBI warning: The day before the riot, the FBI’s field office in Norfolk, Va., issued a warning that said extremists were calling for violence on Jan. 6 and heading to DC “ready for war,” reports the Hill. However, of the four security officials, only Contee actually saw the warning, per the Washington Post.
  • Didn’t advance: “I actually just in the last 24 hours was informed by the department that we actually had received that report,” Sund said. Underlings at the Capitol Police saw it, but it never got to Sund. Nor did the House and Senate sergeant-at-arms see it.
  • No phone call: Contee, the DC metro police chief, did see the FBI warning in the form of an email, but he said it was “raw information” and not “wholly vetted.” He added that he believes a genuine warning of that nature would “warrant a phone call or something.”
  • National Guard: As the AP sees it, a “remarkable breach” emerged between Sund and Irving (the former House sergeant-at-arms) about calling in the National Guard. For one thing, Sund says he made a request at 1:09pm, but Irving (one of Sund’s superiors) says he didn’t receive such a request until after 2pm.
  • Guard, II: Irving also denied the allegation that he resisted calling in the Guard because it would look bad. “I was not concerned about appearance whatsoever,” he said. But in his prepared testimony, Sund said Irving shot down a request for troops in a Jan. 4 meeting. Irving “stated that he was concerned about the ‘optics’ of having National Guard present and didn’t feel that the intelligence supported it,” Sund said.
  • Reluctance: Contee, meanwhile, said he was “surprised” and “stunned” at what he termed the Army’s reluctance to send in the National Guard as the riot was unfolding, per the Hill. He told senators that he was on a call with Sund, Army representatives, and DC officials, and that Sund was “literally pleading” for troops, per the Post. “I have officers literally fighting for their lives,” said Contee, but the talk “seemed like an exercise to check the boxes” instead of one focused on taking action. “I was stunned at the response from Department of the Army,” said Contee, per the New York Times. Guard troops did not arrive at the Capitol until 5:40pm.
  • Failures across the board. Sund said the arrival of the mob was like nothing he’d seen in his 30 years of policing and argued that the riot was the result of failures across the board, not just by the Capitol Police, the AP reports. “No single civilian law enforcement agency— and certainly not the USCP—is trained and equipped to repel, without significant military or other law enforcement assistance, an insurrection of thousands of armed, violent, and coordinated individuals focused on breaching a building at all costs,” he said.

Questions were asked….some wanted to know who, what and why this happened….and others wanted to know why the national guard was still in and around DC…..

The Repubs looked like clowns during the testimony….they were checking their phones, twirling pens and looking bored….even those that helped incite the insurrection looked like they were thinking of Cancun.

The Repubs were a bunch of redundant slugs!

Then the tensions were broken by the car crash of Tiger Wood (I am sorry but that had nothing to do with the drama of the day)

On to Day Two…..

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“We Have Your Back”

That is basically what Biden admin has assured the crown prince of Saudi Arabia…..

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin spoke with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on Thursday and reaffirmed the US military’s commitment to the “defense” of Saudi Arabia.

Despite Washington’s efforts to end the war in Yemen, the US military presence in Saudi Arabia seems set to continue. The Trump administration sent troops to Saudi Arabia in 2019, the first time US forces were deployed to the country since 2003. Now, the US is looking to establish new bases in western Saudi Arabia. The idea is that western areas are not in the range of Iran’s ballistic missiles.

Gen. Frank McKenzie, the head of US Central Command, discussed these western locations on Thursday, although he downplayed the idea that they would be permanent bases. “We are not looking for new bases. I want to be clear on that,” he said. “What we would like to do, without shutting down these [current] bases … is to have the ability to go to other bases to operate in a period of heightened risk.”


Seriously……we have their back?

I mean WTF?

How much technology have we given/sold to KSA?  How much training have we given them?

Billions of dollars and we still have to protect them?

Let me see now…..the defense industry makes billions and our forces still have to protect them from ‘meanies’ in the neighborhood….ain’t capitalism great?

All the countries like KSA and Israel…get away with murder (both literally and physically) and yet we have to “protect” their adventurism…..


Apparently the weapons industry has all the power over our foreign policy.


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