Closing Thought–04Feb21

Closing Thought–04Feb21

Appears the impeachment the the Senate trial are not only things that our ex president has to worry about.

Since Trump has departed the building, the White House, his financial benefactor for years has been Deutsche Bank has decided they have had enough of Donald Trump and his antics….they are closing all his accounts….

Deutsche Bank will no longer do business with President Donald Trump, a move that will cut off his business from a major source of loans that once helped fund his golf courses and hotels.

Germany’s biggest bank has decided to refrain from future business with the president and his company, a person familiar with the bank’s thinking told CNN Business. The news, first reported by the New York Times, follows last week’s deadly riot at the US Capitol.
A spokesperson for Deutsche Bank (DB) declined to comment to CNN Business, citing a prohibition on discussing potential client relationships.
The move is the latest example of corporate backlash against the president after his supporters vandalized the Capitol in a brazen assault that left five people dead.
Signature Bank said it had started closing Trump’s personal accounts and called for the president to resign. The US bank also said it “will not do business in the future with any members of Congress who voted to disregard the Electoral College.”
Trump has a checking account at Signature Bank, according to a 2019 financial disclosure filed with the US Office of Government Ethics. A revocable trust in the president’s name also has a money market account at Signature Bank, according to the filing.
Trump also has ties to other major banks. The president held between $5 million and $25 million in checking-and-savings accounts at Capital One (COF) and between $500,000 and $1 million in accounts at JPMorgan Chase (JPM), according to the disclosure form.
Trump also listed up to $250,000 in a money market account at Bank United.
JPMorgan declined to comment. A Capital One spokesperson said the bank does not discuss current or former customer relationships. Bank United did not respond to a request for comment.
Is the Deutshe Bank doing this until after the investigation by the NY prosecutors office
Is retribution in the air for the former president?
Will they call in all the debt that Trump has on their books?
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Cheney/Greene Drama

The GOP is about to make history…..will they censure a fellow Repub for voting to impeach or will they show guts and take decisive action against the little blonde Nazi, Greene?

House Republicans decided Wednesday to stand by two GOP lawmakers who have polarized the party, voting to retain Rep. Liz Cheney as their No. 3 leader and saying they’d fight a Democratic push to kick Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene off her committees, the AP reports. In a 145-61 secret-ballot vote, House Republicans overwhelmingly rebuffed a rebellion by hard-right conservatives to toss Cheney, R-Wyo., from leadership after she voted last month to impeach then-President Donald Trump. Hours earlier, after Democrats slated a House vote for Thursday that would remove Greene from her committees, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy ridiculed them for it. His comments signaled he was dismissing bipartisan demands that the hard-right Georgia Republican be punished for her online embrace of racist and violent views and bizarre conspiracy theories.

The moves were typical of McCarthy’s preference to avoid ruffling feathers as he charts his path to someday becoming House speaker. “You know what that’s going to mean?” he told reporters after the lengthy evening meeting. ”Two years from now, we’re going to win the majority. That’s because this conference is more united. We’ve got the right leadership team behind it.” But each of the GOP’s wings remains concerned that the other is leading them down the wrong path, and to some, the day’s outcome seemed more an uneasy truce than a full-on peace treaty. As for Greene, attendants said the conspiracy theories she’s embraced came up during the spirited closed-door meeting. Some said Greene apologized to her colleagues, though there were conflicting, vague versions of exactly what she’d said. The Hill and other outlets report she received a standing ovation when she finished speaking.

There will be a floor vote on Greene in the House today…..

Democratic leaders in the House are set to hold a vote Thursday on whether Republican newcomer Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene should be removed from her two committee assignments. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said that his Republican counterpart, Kevin McCarthy, is not ready to remove Greene from her spots on the budget and education and labor committees, the Hill reports. “It is clear there is no alternative to holding a floor vote on the resolution to remove Rep. Greene from her committee assignments,” Hoyer said in a Wednesday statement. “The Rules Committee will meet this afternoon, and the House will vote on the resolution tomorrow.”


Greene has garnered controversy for embracing far-right conspiracy theories and false claims of election fraud, as well as for a video that recently surfaced that shows her mocking a survivor of the 2018 Parkland school shooting in Florida. Also, in 2018 and 2019, Greene indicated support for executing Democratic politicians in several social media posts, per CNN. “A member of this House is calling for assassinations. That’s the new precedent,” Democratic Rep. Jim McGovern, chairman of the Rules Committee, said at a meeting Wednesday, per the Washington Post. “If that’s the standard that we remove people from committees, I’m fine with that.”

Will Cheney be penalized for her honest vote?

Will Greene be penalized for her actions and words?

Any thoughts?

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Women For Stability In Afghanistan

The US is working on removing itself from Afghanistan…well that was Trump’s grand plan…..but will Biden continue the push to end America’s longest ever war?

Most of us that follow international affairs know just how horribly women are treated in Afghanistan….they are little more than chattel…….

But there is a proposal for the rehabilitation of Afghanistan by making women the cornerstone of the reforms for the country.

Afghan women are closely watching as peace talks continue between their government and the Taliban. Women hope the talks will end decades of unabated violence, and not return them to a social, political, and economic prison from which there is no escape.

Afghanistan has made significant yet fragile gains over the past two decades. The country’s Constitution and political system ensure equality and human rights for all. Its economy has been working toward self-sustainability, and Afghan society has restored its rich tapestry of art, music, and culture — a legacy that the Taliban had erased.

But for Afghanistan to maintain its hard-won gains for women and girls and in human rights and democracy, the United States still must play a role in preventing the rise of extremism. It won’t be forever – the Afghan people should and will control their future. But at this pivotal juncture, continued support from the Biden Administration and the U.S. Congress are needed both for Afghanistan and for the security of the United States.

This means investing in programs dedicated to the education, economic empowerment, and leadership development of women and girls, including initiatives that address the specific effects of COVID-19. But the needs are broader than that, as national and economic stability also impact the lives of women and girls.


Once we leave the Taleban will fight on until they control the country and then women will be persecuted even more.

It is his concern.

In the 1990s the US turned its back on Afghanistan and all serious programs were underfunded and women took a backseat.

While I agree that women should be the cornerstone I would be remiss if I did not point out the reality on the ground.

The ultra-conservs will NOT allow women to progress.

The US and the think tanks cannot dictate to the Taleban…..that would be like a fart in a hurricane….

Sorry to be a downer on this….but these proposals need to be based in reality not some fanciful hope.

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